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Overview of the Bahai Faith

All paths lead to God; all religions are One; One World Religion for a One World Government; World Peace under UN control. This is Baha’i in a nutshell.

Baha’i believers are followers of the Bab (the Gate) or the chosen Manifestation of God for this present age. Babism is an offshoot of Shi’ism which came out of Islam. The basic tenet of belief is that all of man is evolving to a higher level of being. If you put Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Gnostic Christianity, Jewish Kabbalah, Buddhism, Hermetics and Mystic Islam altogether in a pot – you have Baha’i. All roads lead to Rome, so to speak. Another name for it is Universalism or Theosophy.

Their main symbol is the Nonagram or 9-sided Star made up of 3 intersecting triangles. Three is sacred in that it represents positive/negative energies combining to become One. In Egyptian Hermetics it is symbolized by Osiris (+), Isis (-) = Horus or the first God-man. The symbol of “9” is used in a lot of nine-fold systems:
9 – Ennead of Egyptian gods
9 – Taoist Kanji psychic centers (similar to Hindu Chakras)
9 – Knights Templar of Gnostic Christianity
9 – number on a Satanist Council
9 – Sefirot or emanations of god in Kabbalah to the supreme 10th Kether

Haifa, Israel is the location of their International Headquarters where they have the Universal House of Justice. Baha’i has a strong presence at the UN; consultative status with several UN agencies including UNICEF, ECOSOC and the WHO. Baha’i sees the UN as the vessel that can unify the world’s religions with a one world leader in an International City like Jerusalem. They await a “man” who will usher in total Global Peace.

“Tolerance is a major theme and concept in Baha’i teaching. The Baha’i ultimately believed in a one world race, one world religion, one world government, and a universal language. As such, intolerance of any kind was anathema and totally contrary to all that the Baha’i stood for.”*

Baha’u’llah (Baha’u’llah), successor to Bab, claimed that he was the manifestation of God that would take mankind to the next stage of human development. “For the Jews, he was the Everlasting Father; for the Christian, he was the return of Christ; to the Muslims, he is The Great Announcement spoken of in the Quran; he was the Shah Bahram of the Zoroastrian scriptures; he was the Kalki Avatar of the Hindu writings; he was the Maitreya Buddha, the hope of Buddhism.”*

Baha’i is one of the fastest growing faiths besides Christianity and Islam. If they have their way we will all be singing Kum Ba Ya around a Global campfire and under the strict control of a One World religious government.