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Orca Spirit Guides

It is said that the orcas are considered the guardians of the ocean by most Northwest Native nations.The orca is revered by many others as well for its spiritual significance and symbolism. Tradition, tales, and spiritual practices surround the very spirit of the orca.

According to the Tlinglit Nation, there was a great hunter who had enough of his wife’s wicked and cruel relatives. One day this Tlinglit hunter sat down and carved a blackfish out of a piece of yellow cedar. He brought this blackfish to life and gave it orders to kill his in-laws. The orca set out and did just that. It hunted down this mighty hunter’s in-laws and killed them all.

After the orca had torn them all to pieces, he returned to the Tlinglit hunter. Amazed at what had happened, the hunter sent the orca to the sea with orders never to kill another human again. To this day there have not been any reported or known cases where the orca, more commonly known as a killer whale, has ever attacked a human in the wild.

The Haida Nation has a story about the creation of orcas. They believe they were once wolves. This makes since considering how orcas and wolves have simularity in social structure and hunting techniques.

It started out when a Haida man found wolf pups on the beach. He cared for them and they hunted for him. They were skilled hunters and brought the village more whale meat than they could eat. When the Creator noticed this waste, he decided to teach the wolves a lesson. The next time they went out to hunt, the Creator turned them into what we know as orcas today.

The Haida Nation also believed that the orca and other whales live in whale villages under the sea. It was once said that if a boat was overturned in the water then whales, including killer whales, would take the people who had drown to the whale village. Once there they were transformed into whales themselves. Therefore, when they saw whales near the villages they assumed it was their loved ones trying to communicate with them.

Orcas symbolize romance and longevity because they typically mate for life. In the same regards, the orca also stands for beauty and sheer power. It is also a symbol of good health, strength, and balance yet still wild and carefree.

It is taught that those who have an orca spirit surrounding them, is thoughtful and sensitive while still having a powerful influence on those around them. It is said that orca medicine teaches lessons in leadership, communication, and working together as a team.

For those who follow a shamanistic path, it is believed that the orcas can turn matter into stars and aid in the creation of the cosmic universe. Orcas are also thought to have the ability to control whether it rains or not.

Aside from Earthly matters, those on a shamanistic path believe the orcas hold a special mysical power as well. They believe that the mere song of the orcas have healing qualities. They believe the vibrations from killer whale songs can heal those who are physically, emotionally, and spiritually sick. For those who feel lost on a spiritual or soul level, orca songs can help you find your soul’s path again.

These magnificient spirit guides can help you see things that aren’t seen or hidden from you. They also help you in meditation as they help to free you from the confines of your body. They can also help your soul remember past events and past lives as you journey with them in meditation.