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On Believing in Karma

From my understanding, Karma is the truth of the world, truth of life, and truth of the universe.Karma is a sort of judgment for all things, whether living or non-living, from the biggest to the smallest creature. Even the universe itself has its own karma.

Simply said, i believe all that are born must bear their own karma. I was a Buddhist since about 5 years old. But it was not because i was brought up in a Buddhist environment that i believe in karma. Since childhood, I’ve learned that hard work always pays off well. When you work hard, you get a good results. From the news, i believe all of us would had seen criminals sentence to death. Why? Because they commit a crime. Such small examples are karma that everyone can see for the present life.

For a Buddhist, karma is believe to affect your future life. Why are you healthy and wealthy? Because you were a kind hearted person in past life. Why are you short and ugly? Because you hated and cursed people in your past life. I believe this to be true as your life is a reflect of your heart, and committing good or bad deeds are decided by your heart as well. Besides, wouldn’t it be unfair for those that were born unable? But using karma to explain, every life is fair. People were born smart because of their good karma. Born to be dumb, don’t blame your parents genes, blame yourself.

Every time bad things happen to me, by remembering Buddhas teachings of krama, it would usually calm me down and accept the truth. But, how are we suppose to avoid karma? The answer is, karma can never be avoided. You can run, but you can’t hide forever. It’s just a matter of time. When you did good deeds but your life is still in vain, don’t worry as your good blessings will come to you once your bad karma that you did in past life is gone. Evil people that live in wealth and power, don’t be so happy, for when your good karma from past life is gone, Hell comes to you.

Both good or bad karma brings suffering and reincarnation to us. The only way to break through it is through enlightenment. But even for an enlightened being, he/she/it still has their own karma. Gautama Buddha himself always had headache, and it was said that in one of his past life when he was a boy in a small village. His family caught a fish and he knock the fish’s head with a stick. So, he had to experience the pain he caused to the dying fish even when he became a Buddha.

The difference an enlightened being made compare to us is that they do not suffer from it. Karma still exist, but they can maintain a status of peacefulness whenever karma strikes. When bad karma comes, they do not suffer or fear it, instead they know how to enjoy it. Whenever they are hurt, sick or even at death, they are always at peace. This might sounds weird, but non enlighten people including me myself wouldn’t really understand. Just like i wouldn’t really understand how a fish feels to swim underwater.

From observing the world and from Buddhist text, i strongly believe in karma. And by believing in it, it had brought me some peace.