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Of Extraterrestrials and Human Beings – No

I do not believe that we were created by extraterrestrials. Why not? Because the question that immediately entered my mind when I read this title was: And who created the extraterrestrials? They could not have created themselves. Something else had to have been responsible for creating extraterrestrials, that is, if they even exist.

I have a difficult time believing in extraterrestrials, and I will explain why. But first, before I give my explanation, I must be up front about something, and that is that I believe in God. However, I must clarify that I do not believe in the god espoused by religion or fanatics of religion, which often trust more in the religion they practice than they do in God. Instead, I believe in the true God, that force which created the universe and everything in it, not out of necessity or need for companionship. But rather simply out of love. The real God is devoid of religious connections or of any need to be worshipped or glorified by anything or anyone, because this God, unlike the religious god, is self-sufficient, always has been and always will be.

I believe that God had a reason for placing the human race on planet earth. Have you ever asked yourself this question: Why did the creator choose this planet over all the millions of other planets in the universe to place the human race? Was God’s decision to do this a random act or an act backed by divine intention?

I believe the creator had a reason for placing the human race on this planet. But I also believe that if God wanted the human race to mix with extraterrestrials, then the creator would have allowed both species to live side by side to this day, as do male and female. Of course, there are those who believe that extraterrestrials either lived or visited our planet in some distant past. But to me that is analogous to saying that the human race evolved from primates. I do not believe either occurred. If humans evolved from primates, then primates would still be evolving into humans today.

Back to the extraterrestrials. My mind tells me that there is a high probability that other life forms exist in other regions of the universe. Why, the universe is so vast and seemingly endless – perhaps maybe even infinite – that it is difficult to imagine there not being other life forms in this vast universe. But we must ask ourselves this question: If extraterrestrials do exist in the universe, why would the creator allow us and them to cross paths and for what purpose? If anything else, we would probably simply scare the living life out of each other. Keep in mind, too, that there is a reason why the creater would be required to keep differing life forms away from one another, and that is because we are so different from one another. Such differences do not allow us to cross paths with extraterrestrials. For to do so would probably only lead to scaring the life out of one another.

And here is something else to think about. The only way that humans and extraterrestrials can cross paths is if God allows it. For nothing in the universe can occur without the creator’s awareness. God knows all and sees all. And, therefore, if extraterrestrials do exist in other remote corners of the universe, there is a reason why they are there and we, the human race, are here; and that is because that is the way God designed it. God designed it so that we could evolve apart from each other, millions of miles away from each other.

Nothing that was created by the creator of the universe is capable of violating God’s laws. Extraterrestrials, like humans, must abide by God’s laws, and this means that if the creator allowed us and extraterrestrials to evolve great distances apart from each other, there must be a divine reason for this. And that divine reason is one that can never be violated by either the human race or extraterrestrials. Nothing in the universe can violate God’s established laws.

That being said, this means then that the human race could not have been created by extraterrestrials because neither species has ever been in contact with one another. Extraterrestrials would have to violate the creator’s established laws to do that and that would be impossible.

Extraterrestrials simply fall into the same category as do such entities as satan, the devil, demons and ghosts and all other manner of imagined entities – all, by the way, imagined and created by none other than the amazing God-given human mind! We may not be alone in the universe, but we certainly are all by ourselves in this little corner of our universe. After thousands of years of human existence, there is yet to appear a human being who can claim to have seen an extraterrestrial of any kind. And I suspect it will remain like that for thousands of more years to come.

The creator of the universe created the human race, not extraterrestrials who, if they do exist, were created by none other than the same creator which created us. Therefore, extraterrestrial or not, we all must play and abide by God’s rules, which neither extraterrestrial nor human being is equipped to violate at will now or ever.