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Noahs Flood

The evidence for a worldwide flood is plainly visible. However it is not always plainly recognizable since people do not realize its significance. It is sort of like the parable of the elephant in the room. Yes, there are flood legends all over the world. But there is also physical evidence of a worldwide flood in the strata. 

What is interesting is that popular culture may make a reference to an item and not realize its significance For example, the famed “White cliffs of Dover” are mentioned in literature and other media. How many realize that these famed cliffs are part of the Cretaceous rock stratum? This stratum runs from Northern Ireland through England, Continental Europe, India, Australia all the way to Texas and beyond. In other words the area covered by this stratum is way too big for a local flood. It surfaces and submerges as one moves from Europe through Asia and eventually North America. Probably the two most famous popular references to the Cretaceous rock stratum are the “White Cliffs of Dover” and the Swiss Alps. These two items are very visible manifestations of this stratum. 

The late actor Richard Burton referenced a coal seam, which was part of the Carboniferous stratum, in an interview with Dick Cavett. Burton, whose father was a miner, mentioned a coal seam which ran from Spain through Wales underneath the Atlantic and ended up in Pennsylvania. He said the coal seam would be recognizable to miners from different parts of the world. In actuality, he mistakenly understated the length of the coal seam. If one were to use Pennsylvania as the starting point and head due East, the coal seam would go all the way to Russia. Again Pennsylvania to Russia is way too much ground to be considered “local.” The interview with Richard Burton can be found on YouTube at this link: 


The mention of the coal seam begins at the 1:15 mark lasts about 40 seconds. 

A third piece of evidence for a global flood is the fossil sea life found on the mountain tops. How did the fossils get there? The fossils found in the Cretaceous rock, the coal seam and on the mountain tops indicate land which was once submerged and life extinguished. The old party line that fossils formed when the organism died and was covered gently over long periods of time is in error. Fossilization requires rapid burial. Otherwise scavengers and bacteria will destroy any trace of the dead organism. In many cases fossils are like photographic snapshots reminiscent of the people and animals killed at the volcanic eruption at Pompeii. A fossil of fish in the process of eating another fish is one such example. 

How many times did the continents submerge and rise resulting in these fossils and strata? One explanation is a single worldwide flood. The other explanation, is that the continents rose above the waters and submerged beneath the waters a number of times. 

William of Occam suggested a test, now know as “Occam’s razor.” Occam’s razor states that when one is faced with two competing models, the simpler model was more likely to be correct. Since one global flood is a simpler model than multiple rising and falling of continents, one should therefore opt for the worldwide flood model. What is interesting is to see how the party line of the anti-flood people has changed over the years. They used to say the continents rose and fell about 20 times. But now they have reduced the number to 10. Maybe one day they will reduce the number to one or two.