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The story of the prophet Noah:  Genesis chapter 6 unfolds the state of the world in the times of Noah. We learn that the entire planet was overtaken by wickedness. Immorality of all sorts and depravation were the daily bread of men. They were lovers of earthly pleasures and ungodliness. The situation was so unbearable that God decided to wipe out the human race from the surface of the earth except for one man: Noah.

We learn that Noah, devoted husband and loving father of three sons, was the only one man obedient to God. Contrary to the rest of the world, he was found blameless and faithful even though he was not perfect. Noah and his family would be the only ones to be saved from a catastrophic flood God prepared for the wicked.

Because of his faithfulness, Noah found favours from God. He bestowed the ark-building project in Noah’s hand to save him and his family. Noah built the ship according to specific instructions from God regarding the size, structure and the materials to be used in the construction and what to do afterwards . He did not complain or voice his own opinion regarding the project he simply obeyed and took necessary action. This was not an easy task but Noah was determined to fulfil God’s plan.

The Things we learn

Noah’s faith in God was strong. When he was given specific task to build the ark, Noah didn’t doubt God’s voice thinking that may be this was his own imagination. He did not complain saying that he was too old to undertake such project. The size and structure of the ark give us a clear idea that this was not just any boat but a huge one. I would imagine the size of the titanic or even bigger. Noah still didn’t argue that it was too big and impossible to materialise. He trusted God and believed in his God given ability. He took matters in hand as a responsible person.

The bible tells us this: Gen 7:5 And Noah did according unto all that the lord commanded him

We see here the typical example of the strong character in Noah. He raised up to the challenge and patiently started the project. He was surely mocked by people around him. Maybe from time to time there were questions in his mind. After all he was human but he kept his faith. He did not allow the negative critics to overcome him. He was determine to achieve the goal.

We also learn that if someone puts his/her trust in God and obeys Him, He is Sovereign and faithful to deliver him/her from any situation no matter how big it is. The world was going to experience the worst natural catastrophic event ever. A flood! But that was not a problem for God. He found a way to save Noah.

Let me pinpoint something here.

For God to fulfil His plan in Noah’s life, Noah had to obey Him. Make thee an ark said God. If Noah started to find excuses and refused to build the ark, If he doubted and was fed up, giving up all activities in the middle of the construction he would surely perish with the rest of the world. Noah stood firm and teaches us to do the same.

Nothing is too great, too difficult for the Lord to accomplish. If we want God to fulfil His plan in our life we then have to follow Noah’s example: obey and do what God puts in our heart. We are to stay firm and never give up until success. No matter the odds around us, no matter the negative critics thrown to us on a daily basis. If we are convinced that God has given us an assignment, we have to make sure to achieve it to please God but also for our own success and happiness.

In the case of Noah, God wanted to save him and his family and start a new world. For each individual it’s a different calling.

Now we have to ask the question. What is it, Lord, that you want me to do for you? Through continuous prayer and bible reading He will speak and we will know His plan for our life.