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New Films in Development to Check out

Everyone that knows me personally knows how much that I love both books and movies. But when I began writing these columns at the start of the year, I told myself I would not write about either. I told that to a good friend and she laughed at me, she mocked me even, saying Of course you will, you great big lummox’

To her I say, I am sorry. You were right.

I cannot not talk about movies today. I’ve been doing a bit of geeky, film buff trailer watching and I quite simply have to tell everyone about my evening. I know, I know this isn’t usually a movie column, but just for today it will be. I’ll try hard not to do it again, I promise. I started the evening off by watching the alternative ending for I am Legend. There is only one word to sum this up, that word being OMG.’ If you’re not particularly forum friendly, that means Oh my God.’ Yes, it was fantastic. Where I am Legend let itself down in the original cut was the last 10 minutes. Well they’ve more than made up for it here and when the DVD comes out I hope they stick that ending on. If they do, it will quite possibly be my favourite movie of 2007.

Secondly, has anyone seen the trailer for the new Wachowski (The Matrix anyone?) brothers directed movie, Speed Racer’? No? Go and find it. Right now. Stop reading this and come back in four minutes. Ok?

Right. Now how many times did you squeal with actual, physical delight at that trailer? I squealed so many times that my squeals blurred as one into a continuous super squeal, so great was my pleasure. It looks absolutely fantastic. The graphics that are almost cartoon like? Love em’. The cast? Love em’. The premise? I love that more than I love moist cake. It even has the guy that played Fred Flintstone!

Second of all, we have a visual treat in the form of Wall-E. On the outside, I am a young, bearded guy, who tries to act mature and sensible in all that he does.

Inside I am a 12 year old. This movie is about an animated Robot.

Twelve year old, plus Robot, equals (here’s that word again) OMG.

Written and Directed by Andrew Stanton, the genius behind Finding Nemo, it simply will be brilliant. I’d tell you more of the plot, but it’s a freakin’ animated Robot! You don’t need to know anything else. Go and watch the trailer. It alone had me giggling and aww’ing like a 10 year old girl at a puppy. Or me at a puppy for that matter.
I could go on for a very long time today, but I’m afraid I have a word count to stick to. So in brief, everyone go and see The Incredible Hulk’, The Dark Knight, The X-Files 2, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, Iron Man and Hancock. This last has been panned by critics as Cheesy’, Badly directed’ and Terribly acted.’ But it’s quite clearly meant to be cheesy, Peter Berg is a spectacular director and Will Smith is frankly one of the best Hollywood actors going. I can’t wait to see him back in a comedy and I can’t wait to see Hancock. It’s even featuring Jason Bateman as co-star and anyone that doesn’t like him needs to be trussed up and shot.

I want to say that the next column will be back to me ranting about randomness, but I can’t help but feel we’re going to get more of the same. I didn’t have time to talk about The Happening’, which looks so chilling I had to turn the light on or Kung Fu Panda’ which is a perfect remedy to the utter chill you get from seeing the trailer for the former. When it comes out, I expect there to be pandamonium! Haha.

Neither did I get to talk about quite possibly the movie I’m looking forward to even more than I looked forward to Steak and a Blowjob day (13th March. Happy Steak and a Blowjob Day everybody) Indiana Jones IV.’ The first words out of my mouth when hearing of this movie last year were Oh my Holy Awesome.’ If they do this right, this movie could be the perfect ending to an almost perfect Quadrilogy. It even has aliens in it. OMG.

Now, it’s just gone five .am, and am I going to go bed? Damn no I’m not, I am going to watch some more movie going Awesomenicity. Then talk in binary on movie forums. Sleep is for cool people and do you want to know something?

I am a geek.