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Nature Healing Spirituality Walking Seashore Animals not all Communication is Verbal

Many people find walking an uplifting experience. When we walk we tend to concentrate on our surroundings. Our minds may be filled with problems but soon enough, nature begins to weave her magic. Refreshing and exhilarating us to our very core. The air goes deep into our pores and enlivens our organs and muscles. Soon, we begin to notice the little robin hopping before us, or the colours of the leaves that dance around our feet.

Maybe that big problem now pails into significance, or we suddenly think of a solution. Maybe we just have enough strength to cope with what lies ahead of us. Nature talks to us through the language of life, it sends us trees to shelter underneath, views to be in awe of and water to refresh us.

It gives us a chance to leave behind the hustle and bustle of the world. Away from the constantly ringing phones, the writing deadlines, the demanding family. It allows us time to just be, to be lead rather than leading. It is a place that asks nothing of us, yet gives us so much. It inspires us, reminds us of better times and gives us the will to go on. It is good to take time out and let nature show us her wonders. Many people believe that God speaks to us through nature.

Sometimes the animals we see whilst walking will lift our spirits. Like the spring lamb jumping with glee or the young suckling their mothers. We may meet a neighbour and stroke their friendly dog. A curious cat, may follow us part of our journey, rubbing itself against our legs. Animals can sense our moods and will try to lift our mood if we let them. Remember, not all communication is verbal.

If we are weighed down with life and our various problems, the one thing we can rely on is that all things will pass. When we look back on our lives, we can see the problems we had made us the person we are today. Nature is a excellent teacher if take the time to listen to her. The natural world is changing every moment. What we see on our walk today, we may not see tomorrow. The waves crashing to the seashore find their way back every day but always in a different form, than the day before.

Yes, walking is a spiritual experience and nature is a place we can always rely on. It can wash away our troubles or make us realise in the grand scheme of things, how insignificant we are. It can heal us and offer us solutions were previously, there were none.