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Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Shippuden is the continuation of the anime Naruto, where Naruto the main character is a young orphan child who has finally grown up and returns to his village, Konoha, also known as the leaf village after a three tough years of training with his master jiraya.The story of Naruto begins when Naruto is born to the Uzumaki family. The countries fall into war and soon the father of Naruto, who is said to be the fourth Hokage dies a tragic death along with naruto’s mother. Naruto grows up with the Nine Tailed beast inside him since his father, the Hokage sealed it into his body.

In the ninja world Naruto lives in, the strength of the Shinobi (ninja) are categorized from the most strongest being the “Kages” of a village to being the academy ninja, who have just started learning the ways and arts of the ninja. Naruto’s character who began from being an academy ninja improved to become a Genin but due to the fact that his character is convincingly proving to be not the most smartest he has not gotten any further. The learning ninja in their village along with teachers are divided into groups of three. Naruto resides in team 7 along with his teammates Sakura, and Sasuke and his teacher Hatake Kakashi.

The villain that is mostly present during the Naruto sequel is Orichimaru who seems to have snake like features and mostly depend on jutsu (techniques) mainly based around snakes.The villain is almost killed but soon returns bringing war to the leaf village, when he gains interest in Sasuke who is one of Naruto’s friends and teammates. Orichimaru knowing of Sasuke’s power plans to plot against Sasuke’s brother Itachi who was once his teammate using Sasuke’s power, the Sharingan. Sasuke’s brother joins the Akatsuki clan (a clan created by powerful villains) after he assassinates the entire akatsuki clan. Sasuke therefore is filled with grief and seeks revenge on his brother’s act of cruelty, but Sasuke hasn’t been able to take any steps towards his revenge because of his brother’s applaud strength.

 Orochimaru knowing that Sasuke seeks power to defeat his brother tries to lure him into his clutches. After trying several times using the help of the sound ninja he succeeds. He plans to resurrect himself within Sasuke’s body with the power he desired for and therefore trains Sasuke.

Before leaving Konoha (the leaf village) Naruto tries to fight his way into convincing Sasuke to stay but the battle ends with Sasuke victorious. The first Season of the story ends when Naruto leaves Konoha to train, get stronger, and hopefully bring Sasuke back.

The Naruto Shippuden Season begins after when he returns home after his training. The story of Naruto’s life then is based on the themes of war, love and friendship in Naruto Shippuden where they will face even harder quests.