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Must Watch Anime

Anime has been around since 1917. Created in Japan, the first anime was with a samurai testing out his sword. Today, anime is not just popular in Japan – it is popular around the world. Anime encompasses many different genres from comedy to action. Anime is not just for kids. For every anime like Digimon and Pokemon – there is anime like One Piece and Bleach that are reated TV-14 and even anime that are rated Mature.  This is a list of what I consider must watch anime series. 

One Piece – In this pirate anime, a teenager Monkey D. Luffy eats a Devil Fruit called the Gum-Gum Fruit. The Devil Fruit allows him to stretch his body and make his attacks more powerful. Luff’s idol is the pirate Shanks who inspired him to become a pirate. Currently, Luffy’s Straw Hat Pirates have nine members counting him. Zoro – the swordsman, Nami – the navigator, Usopp – the cowardly sniper, Sanji – the cook, Chopper – the walking talking reindeer doctor, Robin – the archeologist, Franky – the shipwright, and Brook – the walking talking skeleton swordsman musician. All of the characters have fighting abilities. Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji are considered the monster fighters of the crew.  Luffy’s rubber related attacks, Zoro’s three sword style, and Sanji’s kicks make a poweful combination. This anime is just not about fighting. It is also about teamwork, friendship, and following your dreams. One Piece currently has ten movies. The current main antagonist is Blackbeard.

Bleach – In this afterlife anime, high schooler Ichigo Kurosaki gains powers when a Soul Reaper named Rukia protects his family from an evil spirit called a Hollow. Ichigo gains immense strength throughout the series. He uses his fighting prowess to protect his friends. The main antagonist is Aizen – it is said that no one other than Ichigo can defeat him. Bleach currently has four movies.

xxxHolic – In this spiritual anime, Watanuki meets a witch named Yuko. In return for making it so that spirits aren’t attracted to Watanuki, Yuko makes him work in her shop which leads to many adventures. Each adventure is based around the supernatural. From superstitions becoming real to spirits, these adventures are very unique. There are no main antagonists. xxxHolic currently has one movie.

This is just my top three favorite anime. There are many more to watch and enjoy.