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Muslim France Sarkozy Ban Burqa Law Islam Crime Turkey – No

Burqa is a garment worn by Islamic women to cover that covers the entire body; so that nothing shows to arouse men around the women. Recently, France where the largest Muslim population lives in Western Europe, banned wearing burqa in public places. This ban had many different reasons. First one was that President Sarkozy believes that burqa is a symbol of oppression that they do not want to see around in their country. Second, it was for criminal reasons.  All his reasons are, of course, true. However, just because President Sarkozy has the right to ban such a thing, does not means it is right to do it.

                Even if the burqa represents oppression for Sarkozy, does not mean it represents that to people who actually wear it. Therefore, it must those women’s decision, if they want to wear for their own personal reasons. Religious clothing in public places is a huge issue in many countries including Turkey. Turkey bans wearing any kind of religious clothing, even a head scarf, in schools, government places; also, it should not be disregarded that Turkey’s population is 99% Muslim.

                The question here is, is President Sarkozy banning the burqa for the good reasons? No one can answer that except for the President himself. This law is a way that limits freedom, when in theory; it aims to free those women from it. However, if the main purpose here is to free those women from burqas and eliminating crime – that would not work very much now, would it? The President should have a better understanding of the Muslim culture before putting a law like this. This ban will not stop those women from wearing burqas; these people will either migrate or never leave their houses. That is how it works in Islam; if a person’s belief is that strong, how can you except her to let it go just because of some regulations? This is not just rules and laws on paper we are talking about. This is about some person’s faith; whether Mr. President understands it or not.

                In addition, this ban will not help secure the country. If someone wants to commit a crime, she or he will commit it whether she wears a burqa or not. This will not stop the crime cases as well. Therefore, even if this law has good reasons, they are not feasible ones.