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Muslim Christian Interaction

Most Christians believe that Islam is the enemy, the big bad wolf who is constantly trying to blow down our culture and religion. Muslims are all terrorists aren’t they? No, actually they aren’t, not at all. As a Christian myself, I often think that we are too judgmental on other religions. Just because there are a few crazy people who call themselves Muslims doesn’t mean that they all are.

Christians need to be more open-minded towards Muslims. Often, as soon as we hear that a person is a Muslim we close out minds to anything they might say. I often think that Muslims are more open minded than Christians. Muslims believe that the Bible is right, Christians on the other hand immediately disagree with anything that is from the Koran. There are verses in the Koran talking about how Christians, Jews, and Muslims should all get along. The Bible tells Christians to love their neighbor, but often that is not done when Muslims are concerned.        

Christianity and Islam have more similarities than many of us realize. They started in the same area, are both monotheistic, and have many of the same sacred texts. Muslims can often have interesting insights on Christianity, just because there are differences between the two religions does not mean that everything they say is wrong. Christians need to put aside the differences between the two religions and actually have dialogue with Muslims.

An issue that is often a wall between Muslim-Christian dialogues is the terrorist attacks that have occurred throughout history. The 9/11 attacks are often the first thing that comes to mind when Christians consider Islam. They considered themselves to be faithful followers of the true religion fighting against the heathen religion. We consider them as crazy terrorists of a heathen religion fighting against our true religion. We often believe that all Muslims feel that way, and they must feel the same way about Christians. However, what we often don’t realize is that most Muslims don’t agree with terrorism; Muslims the world over protested against the 9/11 attacks. What Muslims might not realize is that there are Christians in the world who respect them and their religion.

I believe that there are many subjects where Christians and Muslims could both learn from each other. Of course, we still have to be careful with what we agree with and what we draw the line at. We cannot just treat everything Muslims say as true, they do have some different beliefs from us, and these beliefs are the foundation of both religions. Just as we cannot agree with everything they say, they cannot agree with everything we say, and we have to accept that. We should treat Muslims as fellow humans and love them like we would love any other person, not judge them by their religion.