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Movie Reviews Wind Chill

Wind Chills synopsis gives little hope of drawing in a massive audience the story follows two college students who while travelling back home for the Christmas break become stranded, during their hours in isolation waiting to be saved they are haunted by the ghosts of people whom have died there. When I read a variation of that movie description I was not too eager to watch this movie, and put it way down the list of movies to see, this on my part was a mistake because I feel I have committed an offense to this movie that from some angles may never be rectified.
Although not for movie reviewing but for an aid in purchasing multiple copies of DVD’s for retail sales, I am supplied each week with a few dozen DVDs for previewing. While not actually in the buying side of things anymore, I try my best to review each DVD so they are getting something back for the expense spent sending them t me. It was almost 2 months ago that I received Wind Chill, and its exactly a since it saw a brief stint in UK cinemas, had I been quicker off the mark then this movie might have well seen at least one extra viewer.

Wind Chill starts in a very interesting manner, put simply we are told the trials (in a few seconds) of travelling back across the US when returning home from college, here in the UK your pretty much never more than 200 miles from home when studying, but in the US you could literally be days away from home. For Emily Blunt’s character in the movie poverty means that she can’t travel home via the usual method of flight, and in turn is recommended to try the lift board on the campus. This method puts her in touch with sort of loner played by Ashton Holmes; and the next 20 or so minutes of the movie is spent by the two rubbing each other up the wrong way, as these two worlds quite simply never should have met. So already the movie has given an interesting start, and this general progression continues throughout the movie.
Wind Chill is categorized as a horror but its more thriller in its styling’s, one thing I would say is that it’s a nice entry level horror movie, ideal for those audiences making the transition from PG rated movies the 12 certificate. The terror element is very subtle, and personally I felt the movie was more about the building of a relationship than anything else, a movie that shows that different backgrounds can get together.

A couple of nice touches are that firstly with the exception of Holmes and Blunt there are little other cast members, and few that get more than a minute or so onscreen, so this is very much a two handed movie. The second interesting addition is that the two characters are never given a name so when the end credits roll she is simply referred to as Girl and he as Guy. One more point worth a mention as that as the production credits roll at the start of the movie the names George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh appear s you know that you’re in very good hands.
The story becomes at times very emotional and one particular revelation is quite painful emotionally to watch. But it’s the development of the relationship that takes the biggest credit for the movie, and is the ultimate driving force. What starts out as being creepy takes a completely different turn of events; Emily Blunt’s performance certainly lives up to her surname as she verbally abuses, and humiliates Holmes every opportunity she can, and for a big chunk of the movie she is totally unpleasant. Holmes on the other hand is the sort of boy that any girls parent would be proud to see bought into their home, well mannered, kind, and caring; but looks can often be deceptive and to a certain degree there is some deception here.

From the horror perspective the story actually adds up better than you might think, because all these deaths transpire not to be isolated incidents that are all linked by one particular character and a usually cheery Christmas song. The blood and gore aspect is well handled and except for one very brief scene pretty much nonexistent, this movie relies on sound, and atmosphere to give its chills and not blood thirsty horror.
There is never a moment of disappointment during the movies 80 minute runtime, never chance to become sidetracked by anything. There are no weak parts or flaws, and best of all the entire story leaves you with a sad but fulfilling ending, there is never a moment where you think “I’d have ended it this way”, the film ends as you would like it to end, with no lose ties and a final warming feeling.