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Movie Reviews the Crucible

The Crucible is a movie based on a play of the same name, written by Arthur Miller. The film exploits the horribly boring Salem Witch Trials in the greatest way possible, which isn’t saying much at all. This is probably the most excited thing that could ever happen in the 1600s.

The film starts out with a mob of giggling girls running through a forest. They meet Tituba, who is played by Charlayne Woodard, a young black slave who leads the mob in a ritual. The girls all begin to call out names of guys they’d love to marry, while the main character Abigail Williams, played by the shop lifting Winona Ryder, decides to do something else, and kills a chicken to smear its blood all over her face, wishing death to someone’s wife. The ritual is then immediately shut down when Reverend Parris, actor Bruce Davison, finds the girls chanting. The girls all scatter about, but two are left behind. Eventually, the girls all are accused of being witches and having to dabble with the devil. Of course, stuff involving witches in the 1600s is punishable by death, so what better way to avoid death than by lying? The girls play the blame game and constantly blame innocents for demonic events. Will the court believe them, or will they just dismiss the girls as being the Satan spawn they are?

I wondered throughout the film: Why on earth were some of these actors even considered? Most of them were overly dramatic, while some were a bit laughable. Several scenes in the movie were actually very unintentionally humorous. The way Winona Ryder and her gang of witches would run and scream out were a bit overly done and ridiculous. The judges in the film were all just overly stupid and nave, while the obvious “bad guys,” of the film were more out there than any film before. A couple of the actors in the film didn’t even look as if they were in the 1600s at all. Most of them looked like they were just playing dress up.

I do applaud the movie for showing just how devious and horrid the main character Abigail Williams was. Winona Ryder, although sometimes giving a little too much, showed the audience a truly bad person. I could feel hate towards her, and the audience could too. Another thing the Crucible did right was making one of the most boring events in history looking somewhat exciting. With all of the hatred and yelling spewing everywhere, you could easily see how ignorant some past cultures were, and you do get some sort of feeling while watching the trials on film.

The overall feel of this movie is just plain out boring. Bland music is used throughout. Dull dresses, outfits, and openly aired spaces are seen everywhere. The Crucible is an over acted and tremendously boring movie. I guess if you’re a fan of English writing, or a teacher, you’d enjoy this film heavily. Otherwise, if you’re a teen, or you just don’t like dramas, stray far away from this one.