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Movie Reviews the Crow Salvation 2000

Eric Mabius plays the masked avenger this time in a brand new story for the Crow movie mythology.

Alex Corvis is sentenced and convicted to be executed by the electric chair for the brutal murder of his fiance, however, he returns from the dead to get revenge on the corrupt police officers who framed him for her murder and avenge his fiance’s death with the help of her sister, Erin, played by Kirsten Dunst.

This installment is more watchable than the previous sequel. Mabius always looks like he is having fun playing the dead Alex, and can be a hoot to watch on the screen. However, just as funny as his character can be when wreaking havoc, he can also be quite terrifying. Alex can switch from being comically insane to knowing what he is doing and why he is doing it.

I think it is important to point out that each actor who has played a ‘Crow’ character have had completely different characters to play, all with their own back stories and unique personalities.

Eric Draven was a philosophical, sad but angry guy, Ashe Corven from ‘City of Angels’ seemed depressed and just sad all the way through and Alex is just plain insane!

So, it is unfair to compare the performances of all the actors who have played the main character, but Mabius, for me, is second best to Brandon Lee!

The movie also co-stars Fred Ward, from Tremors fame, as the villain who, somehow, knows how to take away Corvis’s immortal power, even though he does not appear to have any experience playing with the occult.

Ward goes through the motions here, the villain not being as intimidating as the main bad guys in the first two movies. In fact, it is shocking to realize just how ordinary this bad guy is, who is just a chief of a Police department!

Kirsten Dunst plays Erin, and one has to wonder how she got herself involved with this film. The movie was not well publicized but Dunst was a rising talent. Perhaps she just needed the money.

She performs well, even if her character can be quite annoying, as she constantly whines and mourns about the loss of her sister. Understandable, given the circumstances, but her character does not get get much to do until the final act when she joins Alex in defeating the bad guys.

After the commercially successful Halloween: H20, it is a mystery how the beautiful Jodi Lyn O’Keefe is not just as big as Dunst is now.

She plays Corvis’s fiance and is in brief flashback sequences that could have easily have been shot in a day or two. Apart from the first corny flashback sequence that involved showing the love that the two had for one another, O’Keefe did well with what she had, which is just mere seconds per sequence.

There is plenty of action in the movie, including car chases, shoot outs and explosions, and most of these scenes are played with rock music.

Rob Zombie’s ‘Living Dead Girl’ is played over the car chase sequence, giving it that extra sense of excitement and energy, which works.

But the soundtrack is actually more subdued than the soundtracks for the first two films. Nevertheless, it still works.

The Crow: Salvation is a fun movie that contains plenty of action, suspense, some good performances, especially by Eric Mabius, Kirsten Dunst and Fred Ward.

I just wish Ward’s villain character was more threatening than he was, but this is a more down to earth ‘Crow’ movie, set in a world where law do stamp their authority, and where there is a death penalty for bad people. 

It is not a patch on the original, but that should not be a surprise.

Still recommended!