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Movie Reviews the Brothers Solomon 2007

The Brothers Solomon (2007)

Director-Bob Odenkirk
Screenwriter-Will Forte
Stars-Will Arnett, Will Forte, Kristin Wiig
Run Time-92 minutes


What!? You never heard of The Brothers Solomon!? Well I don’t blame you as Tristar made sure it was seen on so many little screens that it bombed badly at the box office. Despite Tristar not believing in the film did it turn out good? Read on.

“The Brothers Solomon” is a dumb comedy and it does a good job at that. It provided me with enough yuck yucks for 90 minutes and had an interesting enough premise to keep me watching. We follow 2 lovable goofballs (played the great Will Arnett and Will Forte) as they try to make an grandchild for their father who has slipped into a coma. They find help with Janine (played by Kristin Wiig) who will make them a baby for $12,000. Her Ex-Boyfriend James (played by the hilarious Chi McBride) is also in the picture. A comedy doesn’t need a perfect plot but I thought the story here was good enough. Its helped by a strong cast especially Will Arnett and Will Forte. They’re hilarious and worked so great together.

Despite their characters being somewhat dim witted they came off as extremely likable, despite the creepy smiling. There’s 2 particular scenes that had me laughing out loud.. One where the Brothers are trying to pick out some porno magazines at the sperm bank and one with them at a park trying to lure kids with ice cream so they can get the experience of learning how to care for a child. Freaking Hilarious. Also Forte’s first scene had me in stitches. Chi McBride is also hilarious, especially when dropping those F-bombs. Kristin Wiig gives a likable performance, nothing stand out but she’s good. Tag to that solid directing and some nice song selections and you have a dumb comedy that will keep you laughing throughout.

I wish the film would’ve pushed its R rating further. It felt PG-13 at times with only a F-bomb here and there to confirm its R rating. Needed to be more vulgar dammit! This film also will turn off people who don’t like dumb comedy’s. If you enjoyed this year’s Hot Rod then you should like The Brothers Solomon.

In the end “The Brothers Solomon” was a good enough dumb comedy. It provided me with enough laughs for a Saturday afternoon matinee. Recommended.