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Movie Reviews saw Iii

(18, general release)

Bloody; tense; brutal and evil, these are just a few of the adjectives I would use to describe Saw III the latest installment in this frightening franchise which sees the return of James Wan in the writing credits and the continuation of Darren Lynn Bousman at the helm. And signs on as this much improved on Saw II but falls just short of the quality of Saw I which are all very fresh in my mind as I viewed the previous 2 only recently.
Some more sadistic & cruel games are designed by Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) to test just how much the individual values his/her life. In this offering we meet Jeff played by Angus Macfayden (Equilibrium), a bitter father harboring desires of retribution aimed at 3 prominent people whom he believes are responsible for the death of his young son years before. Can he face his fears and bring himself to forgive them or will his obsessive longing for revenge swallow him? Meanwhile back in the ranch we find the lovely Doctor Lynn, Bahar Soomekh (Mission Impossible III) trying to keep Jigsaw alive as if her own life depended on it! In the process she is forced to confront her own inner demons such making her realize how shallow & empty her own family life is. Seemingly just two random people at a violent crossroads or are they connected?
Carrying on with the terrifying possibility that someone out there is watching our every move and knows every little dark secret we have Saw III along with Saw II & I plays along with those deep-rooted fears! These games as Jigsaw likes to call them give new definition to the old phrase “learning the hard way” or in this case: a downright painful; bloody and debilitating manner where the potential for death is never too far away. The film is scattered with flashback scenes from Saw I & II which the director uses to give us insights into both Jigsaws & Amanda’s character and how Amanda went from a total junkie given a 2nd chance at life to a cold; calculating killer.
Tobin Bell puts in a strong; charismatic performance as the vile yet strangely vulnerable Jigsaw while Shawnee Smith (Becker) as the menacing; unstable; unpredictable & fiercely jealous Amanda is magnetic to watch. They have formed such a strong; emotional attachment to each other that they’ve become almost like father & daughter. Ironically enough it’s this loyal; loving bond combined with her own instability that ultimately prove to be her downfall with explosive results and unforeseen consequences on the central characters.
Overall Saw III is a slightly disturbing; stomach churning yet gripping and emotive thriller/horror with some interesting twists that keeps you guessing and leaves you with a satisfying yet weird taste in your mouth. Have we seen the final piece of this jigsaw?