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Movie Reviews National Velvet

Every famous actress has had that one movie that shot their way into stardom, and for the late Elizabeth Taylor, that one movie is National Velvet.

Playing as the young adolescent Velvet Brown, she lives in a family with two sisters, one whose age has finally come to point of romantic relationships, and the other, a more simple one. She also had an adorably annoying, yet innocent little brother who cares for his insect bottle.

Velvet has a passionate love for horses and fate has conspired to bring this young lady the mysterious young man, Mi Taylor, who carries with him a vast knowledge about horses and horse racing, along with the pain that comes with it. After winning The Pie in a lottery, the horse that Velvet has been admiring for so long, she and Mi Taylor, with the support of her willful mother and the blessing of her quite dysfunctional father, have decided to join the Grand National Steeplechase, and train The Pie with the knowledge that Mi possesses of the Grand National Steeplechase. However, the night before the Nationals, Velvet had no other choice but to be the jockey, so she made up her mind and disguised herself as a man to ride her way into glory.

The film underwent earlier methods of film editing, but despite the editing being noticeable even to the untrained eye, the quality of the motion picture and the spirit of the movie still remain undamaged. If you are fond of modern films, this movie could also be a little amusing because the “cigarette burns,” are still noticeable in this movie. These “cigarettes burns” are the holes that appear somewhere in the upper right of the screen that signals the changing of the film, and since these are no longer in modern films, you can get the feel for the making of movies in the past.

The film also reflects the social ways of “England in the late nineteen twenties – a long time ago in a spinning world”, such as the way a husband and wife address one another, the ways that young lovers romance each other, and how betting on horses has changed so little through time.

The ways in which National Velvet reflected so obviously the culture of England back in the days and how beautifully its actors and actresses expressed this are no doubt the reasons why this film has been preserved by the Library of the Congress.