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Movie Reviews Meet Market

Meet Market is an incredibly low budget but well meaning movie about a group of singles out to find love, initially beginning with the trend of love at the supermarket; hence the movies title Meet Market.

The story follows a variety of different story strands with a range of different characters living different lifestyles. Teen heroine Elizabeth Berkley who horrified the world by jumping from kids TV show Saved By The Bell into the seedy Showgirls, heads up the movies cast as Linda a woman who is desperate to build a career as an actress and find love on the way; sadly Linda is deemed as a sex object and every encounter she has goes tragically wrong, until the moment she is finally pushed too far.

Krista Allen and Aisha Tyler star as Lucinda and Jane to lifelong friends whose friendship is put to the test when TV soap star Hutch (Played by Nip/Tucks Julian McMahon) puts himself between the women, while one loves him, the other uses him for sex. Of all the stories, this is the most interesting, possibly because through our lifetimes we possibly know or are familiar with this sort of relationship whether it;s first hand or through someone else. It’s nice to see how the story plays out and if it puts an end to the friendship.

Tess (Susan Egan) has the most amusing relationship when she encounters British rock band singer Lima Lips (Suzanne Krull). The reason for the amusement is mainly down to the fact that Krull delivers the worst British accent I have EVER heard in a movie, whether this is intentional or not is unsure but it certainly made me laugh. This highly unconventional lesbian relationship also brings about a rather amusing mother and daughter reunion.

Finally you have the numerous relationships of unlucky in love Danny played by Death At A Funeral star Alan Tudyk (to me for the record he made Death At A Funeral). Poor Danny just want to have a relationship but always ends up with the lunatic, from fitness freaks, psychotics, and onto nymphomaniacs poor Danny just cannot get what he wants. This is actually the most downtrodden man in cinema history since either Stan Laurel or Oliver Hardy, obviously without the charisma though.

As I said this is a very cheap movie, and really looks it; but even with this in mind I find something strangely endearing about the pictures; the characters are all quite nice; the situations to some degree are familiar, and top and bottom of it, this is a fairly well meaning picture. It does nobody any harm, although has at times over the top graphic reference to sex. The humour is relatively good, and actually despite the low budget constraints this is not surprising because although the names may be unfamiliar there are a lot of good quality actors and actresses here. That being said, I can’t say I heard anything that made me want to laugh out loud, though I did find Tudyk’s encounter with the nymphomaniac quite amusing, especially considering his timidness and her aggression.

The trouble with Meet Market is that if you judged a movie on the first five minutes the DVD of this movie might well be at the bottom of your rubbish bin. My first view of Meet Market was that it looked absolutely awful, seeing the cast sort of dance there way on screen as the minimal credits roll gave me the “Oh my God!” factor. Although rather interestingly, Julian McMahon seems nowhere about during this cheesy opening, maybe he realised he is still a very big actor and might not need to degrade himself in this manner.

The movie is well pieced together flipping in and out of each character’s lives, so you don’t have to endure anything for too long, often good when you cannot make a connection with a character; I personally found Elizabeth Berkley’s character the most uninspiring, though I do still believe she is a fairly talented actress if given the material. Even with her relatively bland and excessive story, her story is not so bad that you’ll turn off, in fact she gets very little screen time at all; I personally feel she might have been the movies big draw, or at least this was the view of those marketing the film. If I’m to be honest she was the only reason I initially stuck with the movie

This is not a movie your likely to hear about again, it will shuffle off into obscurity and possibly bounce out in the UK onto DVD later on in the year. But with the movie only completed about 14 days ago it’s a little soon to realise where its audience is going to be. If you see it on TV give it a glance, but don’t rush out to find it as you’re bound to be disappointed. In a phrase, “good but not that good”.