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Movie Reviews Horton Hears a who

“A person is a person, no matter how small!”

Thrilling!…to say the least.

I went into Horton Hears A Who expecting a somewhat entertaining, possibly funny, most likely likable film. I came out continuously repeating “aaaahhhhh” as does the little yellow puff of animal, Katie, in Horton’s class. This is a classic story and much like everything else of Dr. Seuss’, is expertly written for people of all ages. I personally enjoyed Cat In The Hat, but thought this was a MUCH better movie, through and through.

Having seen the musical version of this story on stage, I should have expected nothing less than absolute genius on the part of out-of-this-world silliness. “Horton” is witty, charming, off the wall, touching, and lovely to listen to. I was entertained the entire time.

Horton the elephant, played marvelously by Jim Carrey, is a life loving pachyderm with a big heart. He hears a yelp for help and gladly takes the challenge of finding the tiniest speck, on which people live, the safest of safe places; despite being labeled as kooky and unabiding by the rather witchy with a “b” kangaroo, played by Carol Burnett.

As the story unfolds, we get a feel for every whimsical tie to these characters. There is Horton, and his world full of everyday pleasures; such as swimming, sun-bathing, song, and of course, education. At the same time the world of Whoville is experiencing pleasantries of their own. Mowing lawns that are at a ninety degree angle, riding on kites being flown in the sky, and various other eccentricities that are specific to Whoville alone.

We get to know The Mayor and his family of ninety-six daughters and one son. Unfortunately for the Mayor, the has the kind of free thinking happy go lucky-ness that Horton possesses, which helps the two bond instantly in a time of need. The whole story is a wonderful braid of friendship, courage, perseverance, and doing what is right. In short, a lovely pick-me-up.

There are also quite a few suprises in this movie that one might not expect. The most interesting and comical being the ‘anime’ sequence that takes place as Horton tries to reach the safe place for the speck. Anyone who has seen anime cartoons will find this quite silly and amusing, if not completely out of place for this movie.

I highly reccommend that those who are young at heart, know the value of life and friendship, love Dr. Seuss, are fans of good donuts, like the Yankees, wear clean socks….and everyone else, should see this movie!