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Movie Reviews Halloween Iii 2011

Halloween III is not a direct sequel to Halloween II, even though the title suggests otherwise.

There is no Michael Myers, no Doctor Loomis and no Laurie Strode. The famous Halloween theme is also missing, substituted by some electronic sounding, eerie theme.

Instead we have a brand new story in an attempt to restart the Halloween series to give it more life.

The original idea was to have a different story for every Halloween film made from the third movie onward. However, the first two movies already made a lot of fans, and they were crying out for Michael’s return when this one was released.

The plot goes that an insane toy manufacturer named Cochran creates Halloween masks to kill the children on Halloween by persuading them to watch a particular commercial on television that activates the masks to kill them. Somehow. The technical reasons are not explained behind how the commercial works in conjunction with the masks. We are only shown that various bugs and snakes mysteriously appear from a corpse of one child after that child clutches his head in pain and falls to the ground. It is a rather strange one!

Tom Atkins has a starring role as doctor Challis who witnesses the suicide of a murderer who kills one of his patients one night, and teams up with the daughter of the victim to investigate.

As well as creating masks that kill children, Cochran has also invented robots to work for him. These robots act as assassins to shut people up that should not be talking or leaking information about their devious plan.

Dick Warock, the actor who played Michael Myers in Halloween II, plays one of the robots in this movie and has a fight scene with Challis, in which orange goo spills from his mouth when he has been punched in the abdomen and has his circuitry pulled. One would think that Cochran would have invented a tougher shell for these robots to take some decent punishment, but no.

Stacey Nelkin plays Ellie, the daughter of the patient who is killed early in the film and portrays he character as a typical helpless victim.

There is some strength in her character early in when she states that she is determined to find out what happened to her father, but this strength quickly disappears when she realizes that she is soon in over her head, and this is not even when anything serious happens.

Despite the corny elements of the movie, it has to be admired for having an original story. Sure, it was a blatant attempt to keep the Halloween series going for more money but if it did not have ‘Halloween’ in it’s title, I do predict that it would have fared much better with the fans.

Halloween III does not play out without giving nods to the original ‘Halloween’ movie and there is an amusing homage!

But the cardboard characters and acting, apart from Atkins, do not help things along. It is a fun movie to watch, however, even if it needs to be watched for comedic value.

The one memorable thing about the movie is its ending. And I am not talking about the end credits, either. Without trying to spoil things, you may be a bit shocked. But putting things into perspective now, what with having the intention of having a new story for every future ‘Halloween’ movie, the movie studio and all the film makers involved had nothing to lose.

If you are a Michael Myers fan, then stay away from this one. I am a Michael Myers fan but I was open minded enough to give it a go, and even enjoy it.

You can do the same as long as you have that same open mindedness.

However, if you want to see Myers back in a later Halloween sequel, skip to the fourth entry.

Recommended with caution.