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Movie Reviews Garfield the Movie

I am not much of a movie watcher, especially anything animated or half-and-half. I do not rush out to the movie theater and it takes something special to make me go to the video store. Garfield The Movie had me waiting on pins and needles from the first commercial, yet I controlled myself until it made its way to the video store.

The three males in my home had racked up enough rentals to earn a free rental around the time that the Garfield videos hit the shelves. I ended up waiting an additional two weeks though for a chance to rent a copy of Garfield. Our local video store could not keep copies available and the copies for sale were gone within two days.

Armed with an ice cold Pepsi and a fresh Pepperoni Pizza I settled into my favorite chair to enjoy the movie. At thirty-nine years old, I have been a fan of Garfield for as long as I can remember. I have had cats with his attitude and I can just imagine them pulling his stunts.

I laughed my way through half a box of Kleenex while watching this wonderfully mastered recreation of Jim Davis’ famous fat cat. 20th Century Fox could not have picked a better actor to play the part of Garfield. Bill Murray is recognized by many generations of fans from Animal House to Caddy Shack.

Murray truly brings life and attitude to the animated orange tabby, especially when it comes to the sarcasm. While the story line and performances of a few of the actors were lacking, for me the character of Garfield more than made up for it. But then, I only watched it for the scenes with the Lasagna loving feline.

My least favorite character and the part that I think was lacking the most was that of Happy Chapman & his newscaster brother played by Stephen Tobolowsky. I have never been a big fan of his, but he hit an all-new low in this part. But then he never stood a chance, his character and story line surrounding him was doomed from the start.

I did eventually buy the movie to add to my collection of Garfield items, I have not watched it since I bought it though. Nevertheless, it is there if I ever need a little Garfield kind of pick-me-up. Like I said, Bill Murray played the part purrfectly and I have been a fan of his for years. For me, the combination of Murray and Garfield could only win.