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Movie Reviews Dahmer

Dahmer is based on the true crime story of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. This movie tells the emotionally riveting story of a man who turned his darkest fantasies into a horrifying reality.

Dahmer works at a candy factory, a job for which he seems vastly over-qualified. He’s a loner who picks up young men, usually smaller than him, and takes them back to his apartment. He plays with them, experiments on them until dead, and keeps them in his bedroom.

The film toggles back and forth between Dahmer present and the past, when he first began his sick killing. In the present, he’s in his twenties and he lives on his own in an apartment and his appearance is grungier. In the past, he’s in his teens and he lives with his father and grandmother in a house and his appearance is very preppy.

The story just dragged on and on. I couldn’t wait for it to end! It was just a montage of Dahmer’s killing with little or no look into what Dahmer was like that led up to his killing spree. There’s no story to follow.

Very, very dull and boring. I felt no sense of tension, except with Rodney. Everything seems to just drag along like Ben Stein’s personality! The locations are mainly Dahmer’s apartment, his teenage home, and several gay dance clubs. *yawn*

Jeremy Renner plays Jeffrey Dahmer. He does a good job of portraying this heinous sociopath, devoid of emotion, but the movie didn’t give him a chance to flourish or develop the character. The character’s a very static one with only one dull-as-hell personality. Jeremy Renner plays both the older and the younger Dahmer. The DVD extras say that it was difficult to play both
roles but I thought they were so similar that he was the same age the entire time!

Bruce Davison Lionel Dahmer, Jeffrey’s father. His character recognizes that his son has problems but doesn’t know the full extent of how far he’s gone. He tries to get his son counseling. We all know how effective that was!

Artel Kayru plays Rodney, a young, gay black man who starts hanging out with Dahmer, eventually falling in love with him, despise his peculiarities. These are some of the more disturbing scenes because it shows the true personality of a sociopath. People reach out to Dahmer, some like Rodney even love him, and yet, Dahmer feels NOT one bit of emotion in return. Very disturbing, without gore!

Nothing special here. His past is shot in brighter light and his present is darker with seemingly shadowy overcast. Is there a significance to this? Maybe darker represents Dahmer’s deterioration into the nutcase he became. Freud!

Very few effects. But one scene, involving a cordless drill, gave me shivers. One dismembering is shown as well. Nothing special about the sounds or music.

Overall, this one dull and boring film! It doesn’t show us how Dahmer became what he did eventually become. I suppose sociopaths don’t show much emotion but most do have troubled childhoods which make them snap. We don’t see enough of Dahmer’s past to see much at all of his beginnings as a serial killer. It’s just killing after killing. We basically only see a few actual killings but it’s implied that there’s more. This is about the worst serial killer films I’ve seen. 2/5

Jeremy Renner …. Jeffrey Dahmer
Bruce Davison …. Lionel Dahmer
Artel Kayru …. Rodney
Matt Newton …. Lance Bell
Dion Basco …. Khamtay
Kate Williamson …. Grandma
Christina Payano …. Letitia
Tom’ya Bowden …. Shawna
Sean Blakemore …. Corliss
Mickey Swenson …. Officer Phillips
Julius Branca …. Officer Powell
Pierson Blaetz …. Officer Martin
Vincent Zangari …. Ohio Officer
Xavier Lawrence …. Young Man in Bar
David Manis …. Shop Steward
Lily Knight …. Mother
Steve Keyes …. New Guy
Daniel McInerney …. Bartender
Archie Howard …. Bouncer No. 1 (as Archie J. Howard II)
Damian Forester …. Bouncer No. 2
Christopher Louis …. Corpse

Directed by
David Jacobson

Writing credits
David Birke uncredited
David Jacobson