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Movie Reviews Asylum of Satan

Lucina Martin is admitted into an asylum, Pleasant Hill Hospital. Charles Kissinger, former host of Fright Night, plays both Dr. Specter ) and the cross-dressing Nurse Williams. Things get weird when Lucina sees other patients in hooded robes outside. She eats dinner with three unhooded people, surrounded by dozens of hooded patients, and asks if they saw the hooded patients outside? This is the tone of the whole movie, plot, and dialogue. She keeps thinking she’s hallucinating things so we don’t know for sure what is real to her. She sees satanic rites but is told it didn’t happen. Her fianc isn’t allowed to visit so he goes to the police to report the strange asylum. When visiting for investigation, the whole asylum looks closed for years. Upon more investigation, we find out Dr. Spector should be in his 80s, not his 40s as he appears. The doctor, and head of asylum, needs sacrifices to Satan so he can live on eternally.

The plot is very, very basic. It’s basically three viewpoints; Lucina, in the asylum trying to discover the truth, Spector, working with the patients and satan, and Lucina’s fiance trying to get Lucina out. The usual sacrifice for reward story.

The atmosphere is very cheesy and dull.

The characters are very flat and linear; I didn’t care about any of them. Overall, Kissinger is the best actor and that isn’t saying much.

Cinematography is amateurish and the lighting is bad at times with too many shadows.

The sfx are horrible, especially at the end. Satan looks like a man with a dragon’s mask on…wait it is! The audio is awful and not very clear. The music is 70s but often times detracts from the story.

Overall, I give this one star out of five. Only watch if you want a laugh at this 70s cheesy movie.

Overall, it’s an okay DVD but I wouldn’t buy it. While Satan’s Children is the secondary title, it’s actually better than Asylum of Satan. 1/5

DVD Features :
This was part of Double Feature DVD, with ‘Satan’s Children’ being the other feature. There’s a bunch of extras but not very good and some seem pointless.

Commentary (on Asylum of Satan)
Ultra-Rare Asylum of Satan Behind-the-scenes Footage (only from one scene, music, no words)
Devilish Short Subject ‘Satan’s Dance’ (just a lady dancing, half dressed like the devil, no idea why it’s included)
Featurette ‘The Soul Snatcher’ (again no idea! it’s about a 30 minute short about a girl, satan, and a pair of shoes)
Ghastly Gallery of Ghoulish Comic Cover Art with music by the Dead Elvi (while the art was cool to see, it had nothing to do with the movies, AND yes, they spelled it Elvi). Comic Cover Art includes Terror Tales, Witches’ Tales, Tales from the Tomb, Weird Tales of Voodoo, Horror tales, Terror Tales, Shock, Stark Terror, among others.
Trailers for Horror High, Dr. Tarr’s Torture Dungeon, The House of Missing Girls, Don’t Look in the Basement, The House that Vanished, The Murder Clinic, Mansion of the Doomed, House of the Damned, and Asylum of Satan.

Charles Kissinger …. Dr. Jason Specter/Martine Williams
Nick Jolley …. Chris Duncan
Carla Borelli …. Lucina Martin
Louis Bandy …. Tom Walsh
Lila Boden
Liz Cherry
P.J. Childers
Don Cox
Don Dunkle
Joan Edwards
Claude Fulkerson …. Chief Aide
Pamela Gatz …. The Creature
Mimi Honce …. The Cripple
Ken Jones
Lynne Kelly
Nancy Marshall
Gary Morris
Beth Pearce
Jack Peterkin …. Dr. Nolan
James Pickett
Harry Roehrig …. Deafmute
Sherry Steiner …. Blind Girl
Karen Stone
Biggs Tabler
Carla Rueckert …. Hooded Figure (uncredited)

Directed by
William Girdler

Writing credits (in alphabetical order)
William Girdler
Patrick J. Kelly