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Movie Reviews 2012

The great Mayans of the Mayan civilization predicted the world as we know it will end in 2012.  The movie 2012 depicts this myth and brings it to life in a way that will shake the ground underneath you.  This disaster movie depicts how humans can underestimate the forces of nature even when we think we can control these elements.

The movie starts before the date 2012 and works up to the date when the world begins a transformation that has never been seen by human eyes. The earth’s crust is changing and changing in a way where the mantle, the largest body of the earth between the core and the crust is heating up at an alarming rate.  Scientists around the world can see this occurring as water deep within the crust of the Earth is now reaching boiling points in which they have not been seen before.

What this all means scientifically is that the crust of the earth which all of our countries, states and people that inhabit these large masses of land are about to forgo a transformation and everyone is at risk. Only the top scientists of the world and top government officials have been made aware that all of this is happening and the general public has no idea these changes are occurring underneath them.

Then all at once in 2012 disaster strikes as volcanoes begin erupting in the rocky mountains.  The Los Angeles coastline which lies on a major fault line begins to sink into the Earth and all over the world natural disasters such as typhoons and mammoth tidal waves are threatening coastal life all over the world.  Humanity all over the world is at it’s highest threat of being wiped out entirely.

In comes all the people trying to survive the disaster, who must face this grim day of when the world changes from the ground up. Everyday people like Jackson Curtis must help his family to safety, but where do you go when the whole world is turned upside down. The days and nights after the dreaded disasters is what tests these people to the fullest and really no one is safe from total annihilation.

The movie 2012 is an interesting film that strives on grand special effects . Without these ground breaking effects the movie loses some luster with a somewhat dull storyline. The science and theory behind 2012 is worth the admission, but don’t expect Oscar winning performances as that seems to be the flaw in a disaster movie like this one. There are some grand cameos by recognized movie stars and the cast is full of notable actors and actresses but even so there just seems to be something else missing in the performances. 

Overall, a good film but don’t have high expectation and have an open mind to what is happening, instead of examining the character performances.  Starring John Cusack, Amanda Peet, Danny Glover, Oliver Pratt and Chiwetel Ejiofor.