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Movie Review of the Town

One of the best films of 2010 is about the people who are from Charlestown, Massachusetts. It hasn’t been the easiest of lives to live.  In “The Town” there is only one way to be on top and that is to take it away from everyone else.  

Doug MacRay (Ben Afleck) is a Charlestown inhabitant that has lived in this town all of his life. A man with a troubled family and troubled past, who had potential as a young hockey prospect, now only wears masks to rob banks in the city of Charlestown.  He and his partners are the best at what they do and are so good, they enjoy and get thrills at being the baddest in Charlestown.

During a recent bank robbery things become difficult for the four friends, turned bank robbers.  Doug, James, Albert and Desmond are faced with taking a hostage for the first time in their heisting days.  Reluctant but with little choice Claire (Rebecca Hall) an assistant manager of the bank being robbed is taken prisoner and then released.  The four do not harm her but release her with a warning to not tell anyone who they were or describe them in any way to anyone investigating the bank robbery.

A mistake by the four is made when the license of Claire is found and discovered she only lives blocks away from the four that reside in Charlestown.  Worried that Claire might be able to identify them, James (Jeremy Renner) wants to go to extreme measures, as someone that doesn’t want anything else putting himself in jail, who already has served nine years of his life. Doug takes the lead on this and figures he will track down Claire as a total stranger and get any information from her to make sure his four friends are safe to still be in “The Town.”

Enter FBI agent Adam Frawley (John Hamm) who is leading the investigation of the bank robbery.  After Claire’s kidnapping she is the only person that may help as someone that can identify the four robbers, yet she is reluctant to say anything as her life was threatened before her release.  Doug then discreetly meets Claire and an innocent investigation by himself turns into something that he or she doesn’t expect.

The other three friends James Coughlin, Albert Magloan and Desmond Elden are ready to hit their next job. Doug diffuses the situation with Clarie and is reluctant to say he has been seeing Claire since their meeting and also ready for their next hit on some more money.   These guys are from “The Town” and to stay on top and to keep their Irish mob partners happy they must continue to rob more banks or anything regarding taking large amounts of money.  Once again these guys are not exactly typical nine to five workers, they are bank robbers, who will attempt some of the most daring heists that make John Dillinger smile in his sleep.

“The Town” is an excellent movie that is worthy of all of it’s recognition.  Ben Afleck gives one of his best performances, at not only acting, but directing this film as well.  Jeremy Renner as James Coughlin plays an intriguing role and no wonder he was nominated for an Academy Award this year for Best Supporting Actor, it was a top notch performance.  “The Town” may seem like that typical bank robber movie, but this movie is special in the way the characters are developed, the relationships between all the lead players and even John Hamm as the FBI agent is another top quality performance.  Lastly, don’t forget about the Irish Mob bosses, they are are as bad as they get.  In actuality the viewer almost becomes a member of “The Town.”  It is not sure to weather to pull for the bad guys or the good guys involved within this movie.

In summary “The Town” is a must see and rating this movie it is worthy of a four and a half star, out of five rating.  Rated R but this movie is not as graphic as something like “Scarface,” but more like a “Young Guns” kind of feel and instead of the Wild West it takes place in the streets of Boston.