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Movie Review Mirror Mirror 2012

Mirror, Mirror is a family friendly, live-action film based on the German fairy tale, “Snow White” by the Brothers Grimm that was released in the early spring of 2012. It is one of two films that was released in 2012 retelling the popular fairy tale. The main cast members of the film include Julia Roberts, Lilly Collins, Armie Hammer, and Nathan Lane. Unlike the other films about Snow White, Mirror, Mirror provides a comical spin on the somewhat dark fairy tale and centers on the evil queen (Julia Roberts).

Queen Gertrude, the wicked step-mother of Snow White (Lilly Collins), has sent her late husband’s kingdom on the brink of bankruptcy with her lavish lifestyle and extravagant spending. When the wealthy Prince Andrew Alcott (Armie Hammer) stumbles into her kingdom, the queen realizes that he is the perfect solution to her financial problems. However, the prince cannot get his mind off the beautiful Snow White whom he met in the forest. The queen begins using every trick that comes to mind in hopes that he will fall in love and marry her. Meanwhile, Snow White, who leaves the palace on her eighteenth birthday without the queen’s permission, is angered by the queen’s destruction of her father’s kingdom and wants to save it. She begins planning to overthrow the vain queen with the help of the seven dwarfs.

Throughout the film, Julia Roberts provides the most laughs while she portrays the evil queen who is obsessed with her vanity and cruel to her servants. Armie Hammer and Nathan Lane show off their excellent comedic skills as they play the arrogant prince and the queen’s butler, respectively. The seven dwarfs (Mark Povinelli, Jordan Prentice, Joe Gnoffo, Danny Woodburn, Sebastian Saraceno, Martin Klebba, Ronald Lee Clark) who are cunning and tough, bring a great deal of amusement on the screen too. On the other hand, Lilly Collins is perfect in appearance for the role of Snow White because of her beauty, but her performance was vapid and disappointing.  Also, there is no chemistry between Snow White and the prince which is an important element of the overall feel of the story.

Overall, Mirror, Mirror is somewhat entertaining, humorous, and whimsical. The comedic aspect of the film is very refreshing because most films and television series that include this fairy tale in the storyline are dark. However, the film lacks depth and quickly becomes tedious. Plus, it leaves out important details from the original story that should be included.