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Movie Review Dhoom 2

Dhoom 2 was released in November 2006 and I strongly suspect it was entirely made to cash in on the success of 2004 hit film Dhoom and that it did and then some! Obviously it’s a sequel and stars the main characters of Abhishek Bachchan as ACP Jai Dixit and Uday Chopra as Sub Inspector Ali Akbar again. This time it also stars Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai and Bipasha Basu (in a bizarre double role) with Rimi Sen in a very small supporting role!

The film is directed by Sanjay Gadhvi and produced by Aditya and Amit Chopra (Aditya also being the writer). The music is by Pritam and the film runs for 2 hours.

The main language is Hindi with English subtitles and it was dubbed into Tamil and Telugu at the time of its release too. Dhoom 2 is certified 12.

~*~ Plot basics ~*~

Mr A (Roshan) is a master thief who is baffling the police and known by his moniker only because he leaves the symbol “A” at the scene of each robbery. He even manages to steal the Queen of England’s crown from a moving train by wearing a mask and dressing up as the Queen (!). Jai Dixit takes on the challenge of tracking down Mr A but keeps getting foiled. He’s teamed up with ACP Shonali Bose (Basu) and Ali (his sidekick from the original Dhoom) but Mr A keeps eluding them. Mr A falls for Sunehri (Rai), a sexy thief herself but unknown to Mr A, she’s working for the police to cut a deal for herself.

Mr A teams up with Sunehri and they go to Brazil for yet another heist and Jai and Ali follow, Shonali having broken her leg in an encounter. Lo and behold they end up staying with her twin sister Monali (also played by Basu). In the meantime, Sunehri starts developing real feelings for Mr A and the rest of film is played out with double crosses and twists that will have you rather confused to say the least!

~*~ Acting/analysis ~*~

Dhoom 2 was a very enjoyable action film, although I have to admit that I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as I enjoyed the original Dhoom (which I REALLY loved), but it’s difficult to say exactly why. It could possibly be that too much time was dedicated to developing the relationship between Rai and Roshan’s characters which to me did not seem in keeping with the nature of the film (being all action packed and all). There was a kissing scene between Rai and Roshan which caused some controversy with Indian audiences as it was shortly before her marriage to Bachchan earlier this year. No big deal, one would think, as it’s all just acting, BUT Indian audiences are yet to accept full on lip kissing as acceptable in Bollywood films.

Another reason I might not have enjoyed the film as much as the original was that I felt Bachchan was not given enough screen time and was pretty much a secondary character. Hrithik Roshan is Bollywood’s blue eyed boy these days after his success in Krissh which outdid the new Superman movie in the box-office but to me Abhishek Bachchan is someone I really enjoy watching and I felt somewhat cheated by the film concentrating mostly on Roshan’s character.

Aishwarya Rai has never been sexier than in this film. She looked stunning in all of her scenes and I’m sure many guys from teenagers to pensioners would watch the film just to see the scene of her playing basketball in the rain in skin tight attire or even the scene with her removing her catsuit! Roshan’s muscles bulge at every opportunity and the chemistry with Rai works pretty well. His coolness factor has probably gone up dozens of notches after Dhoom 2; in Krissh he plays a superhero who is rather bashful, whereas in Dhoom 2; he is an extremely confident, sexy and suave criminal who most women won’t be able to help themselves falling for and most red-blooded men would aspire to being!

Basu played up to her sexy reputation in the film but I’m not a big fan of her physical looks and definitely not of her acting. And double Basu in one film? Her twin roles didn’t add much to the film for me at all. Whilst one cop sister is dedicated to her job and seems to have a thing for her colleague, Jai, she’s not on screen for very long (thank God), then her twin living in another town comes across as a complete airhead who doesn’t seem to speak her own mother tongue and makes inane comments about loving Indians (when she is one herself)! Basu’s scenes in both characters with Chopra, which I feel were supposed to be cute – I found very annoying. It was gap filling as far as I was concerned. I really don’t know why Chopra was in the film (apart from being the son of one of Bollywood’s biggest producers, Yash Chopra and brother of Aditya; one of the producers). I wasn’t impressed with his acting in the original Dhoom let alone in Dhoom 2.

Bachchan played his role in the same vein as in Dhoom; the strong silent type. Firm and committed to the job in hand, he has some really good lines in the film and some cracking scenes with Roshan and with Rai (his then fianc and now wife): I just wish he’d had more screen time to show what he’s really capable of! Rimi Sen, as Bachchan’s on screen wife, was barely on screen in Dhoom 2, in fact so little so that she needn’t have even been credited.

There are a handful of songs in the film which were fun but not as catchy as the song from the original film. Look out for “Krazy Kiya Re” – a dance number from the film which is still being played around most Indian party venues or Asian radio stations.

~*~ Awards ~*~

The film won a host of awards including: Filmfare Awards 2007: Best Actor for Hrithik Roshan, Bollywood Movie Award 2007: Best Actor for Hrithik Roshan, International Indian Film Academy 2007: Glamorous Star (Female) for Aishwarya Rai, International Indian Film Academy 2007: Glamorous Star (Male) for Hrithik Roshan, Bollywood Movie Award 2007: Best Cinematography for Vikas Sivaraman & Nirav Shah, Star Screen Award 2007: Best Choreography for Shiamak Daver, Stardust Awards 2007: Star of the year (Female) for Aishwarya Rai and Stardust Awards 2007: Hottest Young Film-maker for Sanjay Gadhvi. It is also interesting to note that aside from Om Shanti Om released about a month ago (at the time of writing), Dhoom 2 is the highest grossing Bollywood film to date!

~*~ Rating ~*~

All in all, it’s an action packed film from start to finish – there really is hardly any part of the film where the pace is too slow and it will be hard for Bollywood to top it action-wise. Don’t look too hard for a believable story! Really, I mean it! One wonders how clever a criminal has to be; to be able to dress up as the Queen of England and steal her crown. I found it highly amusing that Queen Elizabeth would be running around playing with her grandchildren on a moving train and have her crown stolen so easily!

I understand there’s talk of a Dhoom 3 with Bachchan and Chopra again, but after the success of Dhoom 2 with Roshan stealing the show, how can they better this movie? Wait, watch and see, I guess!

Overall I’d give Dhoom 2 a strong 8.5 out of 10.