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Movie Review Demonia

DEMONIA (1990) Starring Brett Halsey, Meg Register.

Directed by Lucio Fulci.

Running Time: 85 Minutes.

Rating: R

Maybe grisly low-budget horror is your thing. It sure isn’t mine. This one starts out by showing four medieval nuns getting crucified to death in a way so brutal it made me want to toss my cookies. I don’t know what it is about Italian horror movie directors but they really seem to hate nuns.

Canadian archaelogists (not really Canadian but actors from an amalgam of different nationalities playing Canadians) on a dig in Sicily encounter strange occurences which soon filter over to the small town nearby. One of them (Meg Register kind of a Kristy Swanson clone) gets possessed by a demon. The lead archaelogist/hero (American b-movie actor Brett Halsey) must confront the demons and save the town.

Demons possess cats and then proceed to claw up a meddling clairvoyant. They even possess sides of beef in a meat locker and attack an unsuspecting butcher.

There is nothing like a howlingly bad movie to cleanse your palate when you are a film critic. Everything down to the cover of the box the video tape came in is wonderfully cheesy. The names of the actors are mispelled in the credits. The cover photos show grisly scenes and the female lead screaming. The production values are so poor that the props look like they were safety hazards.