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Most Interesting Places Visited by Contestants in the 16th Season of the Amazing Race

The places visited during the 16th season of The Amazing Race, were very interesting, but no more than the creative hook-ups of the contestant couples. Before they even started their journey, viewers had a chance to meet them face to face.

There was a handsome guy model with a beautiful gal model, two pairs of real-life cowboys, a dad and daughter, brothers (one gay and one straight), mature former high school sweethearts, two young lovers and jogging grandmom and girl grandkid. There were also a couple of tough-guy detectives, old married duo, two women attorneys and a gay women couple.

So, where did this gang of odd couples go that was so interesting? First, they all gathered at the Los Angeles Airport, the famous LAX. It is an interesting place if you like wall-to-wall people, and boarding gates that require you to fight your way through those mobs. The Amazing Race contestants boarded a jet and flew to Chile, the long, skinny nation on the West Coast of South America. From it’s capital city of Santiago, they then piled into a Chilean bus for a ride down the coast to Valparaiso, a beautiful Pacific Ocean seaside city.

Valparaiso is a surprisingly stunning destination, one of South America’s major seaports. It has sweeping pristine sand beaches lined with palm trees, and the hilly city and its modern buildings are as sophisticated as San Francisco and as hip as Malibu Beach.

Then, of course, the contestants had to go to work. With the ultimate prize for the winning couple offered at a million bucks, who wouldn’t do everything possible to excel and try hardest. Also, to add some nasty spice to the contest, whenever possible, devious couples plotted to sabotage all the other couples. Contest events included long-distance running, pulling heavy stuff and doing all sorts of silly tasks.

The contestants then welcomed the relaxation of a bus voyage across the Chilean border south to Bariloche in Argentina. Also situated on the Pacific Coast, this town is a favorite spot for Argentinian vacationers. Of course, the contestants were not allowed to loll on the beach to enjoy the wonderful scenery. They had to see it while racing each other across the sand until some of them could go no longer. It wasn’t too surprising that the super-fit grandmom and her grandchild won that part of the competition.

Of course, they didn’t leave Argentina, famed for its gaucho cowboys and Evita, without sampling some of its wonderful foods, including some of the best and tenderest beef dishes in the world. No one walks away from an Argentinian dinner table without sampling the parrillada, churrasco, milanesa or carbonada.

There’s no question about it. The most interesting places visited by contestants in the sixteenth season of The Amazing Race were the seaside South American cities in Chile and Argentina. We can hardly wait to see the destinations scheduled for their next episode.