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Moose Totem Spirit Animal Totems American Native Tradition Shamanism

North American Indians, among others, bestow special acknowledgment to the power of the animal spirits.  For special celebrations, some wear animal skins and feathers and carry certain animal parts in bags.  Based on ancient traditions, those still honoring the old culture, continue the practices that keep them connected to the spirit of the animals. Animal guides are said to teach and  protect, among other things. There are as many animal totems or animal spirit guides as their types of animals for all animals contain spirit and distinct qualities.

 According to www.animalspirits.com, the wisdom of the the Moose “acknowledges the truths that have been denied by the soul”. The Moose is connected to the soul and to the movement between worlds. Some Shamanistic cultures see the Moose as a medium between the spirit and the natural world and consider it’s wisdom of the feminine nature. As moose calves are born with their eyes open, a person whose totem is the Moose is considered to have their “third eye” open – or be attuned to the spirit world.

Often people are attracted to the beauty of an animal and believe, falsely, they can choose any animal spirit guide they want as their spirit animal. The fact is, the spirit guide chooses you and chooses when to reveal itself to you. Claims of finding your totem through birth dates or parlor games are false. . If we were able to just choose our animal, the Moose might not be the totem for too many people. The Moose is, however, a special animal and it’s presence as your guide through life can mean wonderful things.

When you consider the appearance of the moose, he seems to defy gravity with the skinny legs topped with the large head and heavy antlers. In spite of the gangling and awkward appearance, the Moose is, in fact, a dignified and proud creature. The Moose’s ability to walk with grace and dignity is part of the spirit nature of the animal. This is why the Moose is sometimes said to represent self-esteem. The Moose appreciates hard work and people who are guided by the Moose take pride in their work and accomplishments. They are quick to praise others and acknowledge their good work. The Moose is a strong and agile animal who is comfortable in his surroundings.  Just like the impressive presence of the Moose itself, those to who,m he chooses to guide will have a strong presence in life.