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Looking for something you lost? Look in a moonstone. You may discover the hiding place in the moonlight gleams of the lucky moonstone. Moonstones look magickal. The white stones look like the moon with a shimmering reflective surface. Moonstones are used for good luck, protection, love and intuition. Moonstones help people find answers to questions and to know themselves. The magickal moonstone is also known as the “Gem of Hope” and the “Gem of New Beginnings.” Moonstones attract love, support relationships and help to reunite lovers. The mystical moonstone will bring you luck and help you to predict the future.

Moonstones are considered wishing stones and are believed to help people get their wishes. The lunar gems help people to be calm with balanced emotions. Moonstones help people to be more in touch with their feelings. Moonstones balance yin/yang, and help people to be aware of their emotions yet remain in control of them. Having moonstones helps people to be more comfortable with their feminine, receptive and nurturing qualities.

Moonstones are mental gemstones. The lunar stones help to soothe your mind. Moonstones are used for scrying to see into the future. Some moonstones may seem like miniature crystal balls. Moonstones can help to calm the emotions and relieve stress. Moonstones placed in a house will make the atmosphere more peaceful. The lunar gems are associated with a feminine nurturing nature. Moonstones increase empathy and psychic ability.

Moonstones are given as wedding gifts. The lunar stones are known as love, luck and fertility stones. Moonstones are thirteenth wedding anniversary gifts. Moonstones will help people have a happy home. Moonstones will help release energy blockages which improves health. Moonstones can help people change unnecessary behavior patterns and let go of the past.

Moonstones are good for women’s health and the reproductive system. Moonstones are helpful in pregnancy. Wearing a moonstone is believed to regulate the menstrual cycle. They help people to relax and be themselves. Moonstones help people to be more attuned to nature and other people’s needs. Moonstone is used for protection traveling.

Moonstones are used for healing and rejuvenation. Moonstones help circulation, the immune system, the lymph system and the thyroid. Moonstones encourage growth and regeneration. Moonstones help people to feel peaceful. The lovely moonstones help people to have clarity and to concentrate without distractions. They are used for meditation and for spiritual guidance.

You can wear moonstone jewelry or carry moonstones in your purse or pocket. For moonstone therapy lie down on a bed and place a moonstone on the body part that needs help. For spiritual guidance place the moonstone on the third eye. You can also create a moonstone elixir by keeping a moonstone in a clear glass container for 12 to 24 hours. The moonstone elixir can be used internally or externally