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Moon Signs and Astrology Interpretations

The Moon in astrology is associated with emotions, the subconscious and intuitive reactions. Depending on the Moon’s placement in a chart and its aspects with the other planets, its qualities can be strengthened or diluted.

Ruler of the sign Cancer, the Moon is exalted in Taurus and in its fall in Scorpio (which means its qualities aren’t as strong in this sign). In the horoscope, the Moon has strong links to instinctive impulses, the imagination, childhood experiences and the mother/child relationship.

When interpreting a birth chart, the Moon will fall in a particular sign and house. These positions will give indications of a person’s emotional and intuitive nature and how these are expressed through different areas of life. A Moon that has tense links from other planets can suggest emotional instability, anxiety and confusion. A moon that has supportive links from other planets can suggest a person who is able to use their feelings in positive ways to bring about artistic, creative and public success. There may also be psychic/healing abilities that will be put to good use in helping others, throughout their lives.

Although not a planet as such, in astrology the Moon is classed as a planet. It can also be referred to, along with the Sun, as one of the lights or luminaries. The Sun and Moon both have strong influences in chart interpretations.

The houses in a horoscope refer to different affairs and aspects of life. The Moon in the houses will suggest how a person’s emotional needs are affected by their situation. For instance, someone who has the Moon in the second house will have a strong need for emotional and financial security. This is likely to lead to them to having good business sense and an intuitive sense of the best places to invest their finances.

Someone with the Moon in the ninth house will have a strong need to travel and learn about different cultures. Long journeys will feed their imaginations and bring emotional solace. While the Moon in the fourth house suggests someone who will turn to home and family for emotional security. This person will have a good memory and is likely to have a huge store of childhood memories they will draw on when in need of a little emotional comfort.

Aspects made by the other planets to the Moon are of importance, as emotions can have a strong bearing on a person’s nature. Saturn, for instance, linking with the Moon might make a person more cautious. Mars will help quicken the reactions but could lead to carelessness or impulsiveness. Mercury’s links with the Moon might help a person turn thoughts into reality or bring confidence to someone who has the Moon in one of the signs that suggest a more introverted personality.