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Mistakes in Life

Everybody make mistakes in life nobody is perfect. But, you have to learn from your mistake to make sure they won’t happen again.

If you are human you are going to make mistakes whether they are big or little. People make mistakes every day, some people laugh at themselves for the mistakes they make because they know not to make that mistake again. Then there are others that dwell on the mistakes they made and go out and make the same mistakes. The key to making a mistake is learning from it whether it’s big or small.

I want to talk more about those people that dwell on the mistakes they have made and do them over and over again. People like this sometimes don’t understand what the mistake was in the situation. Yes they dwell on the situation because the result ends up bad. However they don’t sit back and reflect on everything that just happened. They feel bad and dwell on the situation but they go back out and do it again. Reflection is important in these types of situations, not a lot of people do this. There are some people that make little mistake and see the mistake they made and know they won’t do it again. They don’t need to reflect they see their errors.

Those people that don’t see their mistakes are easily pulled back in on the same situation they just came out of. These are the people that really have to learn how to sit down and reflect on the situation that just happened. Sitting in a quiet spot and just thinking about the things you could have done differently, or even grabbing a pen and a piece of paper and writing down everything that just happened can help. Even talking to someone and getting their intake on the situation can help you understand the mistakes you made.

Everybody make mistakes in life, but you don’t have to keep repeating the mistakes you made. If you are a non caring person that don’t care, then big or little your mistakes won’t bother you. For people that do care about their selves take time out to just reflect, you will be happy you did in the long run. You’re going to have the mentality to not make the same mistake twice, or be there for another person that is about to make the same mistake you made.