We encounter miracle everyday. The fact that we are breathing and our senses worked is an act of miracle. But a lot of people take all these things for granted, the air we breathe in, the pulsations of our heart, the beauty of our eyesight that makes us see the scenery around us, the fluidity of our actions made possible by the interacting of chemicals and neurons in our body that makes us capable of hugging, reaching out to others and giving someone a pat in the back, and to hear the musics outplay around us that soothe our inner being.  

But what is a MIRACLE? In my own point of view, it’s something life changing. May it be supernatural, or something beyond what we humans can perceived. The healing of cancers, the blinds restoring their sights, the deaf able to listen, the mute able to speak, the broken hearts made whole again, the beggars hitting the million lottery jackpot, the divorced restoring the broken vows, and death overcome by coming back to life again. This life-changing scenarios that are unexplainable but greatly influenced someone’s life to the point of making someone think he might be crazy or God has intervened. Things that are beyond what scientific explanations can offer, beyond what mathematical configurations can fathom, beyond what the human eyes can see and what the human mind can perceive. This is MIRACLE for me. 

I have travelled a lot and it’s a miracle that I’m still alive right now. There were situations where I was almost hit by a maniac car driver, the time that I almost drowned when my cousin fell on top of me while we were frolicking in the lake, where I was stung by bees and was short of breath, where I was driving and a car veered toward my lane almost hitting me sideways, where my friends and I were riding a motorcycle and we crashed, where I had the worst chest pain in my life that I couldn’t breathe when I was in college. My life is a living miracle. I believe everyone of us has a story to tell of how life slammed you down and brought you back up again on your feet. As if a supernatural being lifted you up from your depression and one day you just woke up feeling renewed and strengthened.

People who have suicidal thoughts, people who have no hope, those with deep addictions to the point of insanity, and those who have given up to try and waiting for death to consume them. These same people we see everyday are being saved. We see them in televisions, hear them in the radios, read their books of how they were saved and were living new life, new hope. Their testimonies, their new way of life, their insights were evidenced that MIRACLE exists. Miracle is the same as hope, the fountain of life that springs to every one’s heart when nothing else works, when everyone is on the verge of despair. Miracle is every where. Even the birth of a newborn is a miracle. How can another human being produces such tiny, beautiful creatures that warm our hearts. That’s a miracle indeed.