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Miracle are Nature Aligned

Miracles come with a willingness to be open. They are an alignment of all-systems-go that is the Higher Truth. Some people think that miracles just happen yet they are at work to happen on deeper levels that can be seen from a limited personality.

Much is orchestrated from beings that are a little higher up like Guardian angels and ascended masters. They work with people to transform lives. 

If war breaks out and then all of a sudden something happens and machine guns are stalled or bombs don’t blow up miracles are happening with a lot of help. To a limited human mind, miracles can be little events that happen that they are not used to. One gets a different view when more of the Light Force begins to show itself. If you ask for help you get it plain and simple. When something aligns with an ideal this is seen as a miracle. 

Miracles grow as consciousness grows to a realization that we are more than a body. Our naturalness comes back into being after a quest for Truth is embarked on. Miracles are supports for what is true from a place of love for love aligns everything in place with a Divine Source in command.

Demanding miracles won’t make them happen. They happen unexpectedly because giving and receiving must come into balance. When love flows through qualified with Divine Light all systems are go and miracles show themselves. 

A famous person in history was known for miracles of healing instantaneously. He showed what is like to be a miracle in action every day.

When our Souls are at play, the behind-the-scenes action is participating with the outer active body in a passion play. Let miracles abound with everyone waking up to a new reality: communicating miracles, feeling miraculous and accepting miracles as a natural way of being.  

Going for the gold means the golden soul is at work making things whole. Being a Genius is being a miracle in action, laser-focused enough to land on Earth. Music is a miracle if it can be heard from a place of feeling. Seeing, knowing, feeling and sensing anything that cannot be seen with just the physical eyes can be considered a miracle because those abilities when suddenly opened, create big changes in a person’s life.

When big global changes happen, miracles are happening even if sometimes things don’t look that way. Everything is in a state of change and what is a miracle to one person can seem like a burden to another. Miracles abound. They can be found in the oddest of places. Grace is always in place when miracles hit the Earth stage.