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Mighty Joe Young

Mighty Joe Young is a wonderful movie about a gorilla that is quite different from the others, he is different because of his size and something has made him larger than any of the other gorillas in the jungle. Joe has grown up with this little girl that has pretty much taken care of him since he was little, and in return he has protected this girl it is a friendship that could never have been broken. One day people come to the exotic land where this jungle is located looking for something and this is where they find Mighty Joe Young; working on capturing other animals to take blood tests they then release these animals.

As these people who are doing the testing meet Joe they are wanting to know what has made him so large in the first place, they do not like the aspect that Joe is in a jungle that is being endangered and hunted by poachers and so with trying to protect him they decide it is best he would go to a zoo, they convince Joe’s keeper to let him go on the terms that she gets to go with and the poachers eventually find out where they are taking him, these men go to the zoo and torment him with a series of rings that jangle to scare them out in the first place.

Later on in the movie the people realize that it was a mistake to take Mighty Joe Young to the zoo and keep them there for he is way too big to be kept in a small and cramped area of a specific place, Joe one night busts free and is loose terrorizing the city and is stepping on things and he is being chased all over, the gorilla is terrified and not meaning to hurt people he eventually does. Furthermore Joe is taken and they try to escape the city back to their home land and thus finding an area where Joe can then go and be free, once they get there the girl who is now a woman pushes him to go on and hide himself, it is a relationship between the best of friends and the movie will even cause a few tears because there are some sad parts that will get you going, this is a movie that one would recommend to see with the whole family.