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Meditation as a Healing

Meditation. A chance to quiet our troubled, chatty, thinking mind. Meditation is being quiet within, and resting the brain. Pema Chodron explains that we often are quiet, but our mind will begin to think. All we have to do is remind ourselves quietly to ourselves the word: thinking, and then go back to meditation. Yes, meditation can save our lives, and it can do so through a variety of ways; some of them are physically, mentally, socially, behavioral problems and spiritually. All we have to do is provide ourselves with quiet time, and a quiet space.

People will use meditation for anxiety, pain, depression, self-esteem, stress, and insomnia. But one of the best uses of meditation for a healthy life is for cardiovascular (heart) disease. With meditation helping to reduce the risk of heart disease is quite an example of saving one’s life. To relieve oneself of pain helps with an overall feeling of wellness, and will aid in adding years to your life. Meditation is about connections; connecting ones body with their mind, and soul. With this information we can gather that a person who meditates will be benefiting in relaxation, visual imagery, cognitive-behavioral strategies, and overall sense of well-being.

Mind-body connection plays a factor in interventions of disease and outcomes. That mind-body connection influences our immune system both positively and negatively. The higher level of stress or a poor self-esteem and a negative mood will develop a more severe illness. Vice versa with a higher self-esteem and less stress will produce a resistant immune system, and will almost eliminate colds. What better reason to meditate? There is but another aspect that meditation can save your life.

A person who has a negative self-esteem, and high stress, are more prone to thoughts of suicide. If people would take the time and meditate then some of that negative stress, and outlook on life will create a window of opportunity to see oneself differently. We know this from reading the books by Eckhart Tolle. In order for this to work, individuals should be introduced to the concept of meditation. If that suicidal person has even a knowledge of meditation, they can stop, and clear a space to begin to meditate, then hope can enter.

I have been meditating for many years, and even in my teens. I was stressed to the max when I was seventeen due to a variety of reasons. Anyway, had I not known the art of meditation then I would not be writing this. I was very close to suicide, and with meditation, I opened my heart, mind, soul and body to quiet. From that quietness comes my ability to hear the words: “Don’t Do This.” That’s all it took. So, I firmly believe that meditation can save a person’s life, in a variety of ways.