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Meaningful Movie the best Movie

I never watched movie by myself. “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” has aroused my curiosity to watch it alone. Some movies you’ve got to watch it alone, that you would have a clear after thought and not to be affected by others. In my opinion, it was a wonderful production; a wonderful three-hour movie that kept me awake throughout, never failed to hold me in suspense and expectancy of what was to come next. On a personal note, I would say this is a one of the best movies I ever watched thus far. It has caused me to think about life itself, and I found it is rather meaningful to watch alone.

The story was taken from a book of the same title. It was a story about Benjamin Button, who has a rare sickness; he was born to be old physically, but grew younger as years went by, he would become a child and eventually died as a baby. It was based on a 1921 short story written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I appreciate its rich cultural and historical background, where the story set in. Benjamin Button was born before the World War II, and he grew across it and beyond. He tried to live a normal life but couldn’t. Brad Pitt acted as Benjamin Button, and throughout the show, he was rather slow in his actions. It was mainly due to the fact that he was old all the time, except the time he was with Daisy (acted by Cate Blanchett), when both of them catch up with each other. He was 47, and she was 43. Other than that, the whole movie was kind of slow; it was the kind that you need to chew the content.

After his birth, Benjamin was being abandoned by his father at an old folks hom. but adopted by an African American who believed in God. He grew up gracefully, with the thought that he might die any time; he knew he could not live a normal life. With this condition, Benjamin didn’t show too much a personality trait; he was just being nice man because of his condition. His sweetness has melted Daisy’s heart and caused her to risk having a baby with him. However, his decision to leave them shocked me and drove me to tears. He left at the best moment of his life, with the best thought for Daisy and his daughter. Was he being considerate? Or being selfish? Or finally he faced the facts of his condition?

Since the show covers one’s lifetime, it did dawn on me about issues of life, death, love and war. I had a heavy dose of provoking thoughts that day what if the clock could really turn back? Do I have want to change anything? What kind of decisions will I make on love when faced with sickness, war and other unforeseen life circumstances? If I were in a situation whereby I could not live a normal life, would I even try? Like Benjamin did try, but ended up breaking hearts. There were other thoughts that brought home to me after the show. The end of the story is a happy one I think, because the couple parted only when one died. Daisy was with him at his deathbed. “Till death do us part” was a good ending, love lasts until his last breath.

I enjoyed this show because it had great human interest in it; it brought me to tears at times and caused me to think deeply. Its presentation of the story was another job well done. No other movies had impacted me than this, that’s why it was “The Best Movie I Ever Watched”, but the best is yet to come.