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Meaning of three of Swords Tarot Cardhow to Read 3 of Swords in the Tarot

Inner conflict or disagreement in relationships causes pain and tension, according to this card.

The three of swords represents some kind of disruption or misunderstanding in the life of the person for whom this card has shown. This may be temporary or it may be long-term. Some sadness is also apparent.

Symbolism in the Three of Swords ~

The three of swords symbolizes pain and conflict. It is sign of discord and strife leading to the resolution of a dispute.

Predictions in the Three of Swords ~

Tension is the main thing signified by this card. It suggests a sense of loss. Maybe the querent has lost an item that has been precious to them or someone they care for has left their life.

Another possibility that crops up when the three of swords appears in a spread is that someone is going into hospital for an operation. Whatever the situation and whichever the area this card represents, things will soon be coming to a head. The three of swords tends to put a negative influence over the other cards in a spread. Disappointment or confusion, even sorrow, is a possibility. To try and pinpoint the area, this card often turns up in times of strife, when perhaps a close relationship isn’t going too well.

Advice in the Three of Swords ~

Maybe there are problems with a current partnership. If so, there is the possibility that someone has been bottling up all their emotion, and the time has come when he or she is ready to let it all out. This might be the querent, or someone who is close to them. Whoever it is and whatever is going on, the result is not likely to be pleasant. At least this will help clear the air, but for this to happen, they will probably have to go through some awkward and uncomfortable moments.

Prophesy in the Three of Swords ~

This could be a tense or quarrelsome time for a certain relationship and the querent might be finding it difficult to understand why someone else is acting the way they are.

Negative thinking should be avoided (although this is easier said than done!) There may be some sadness or sorrow but this is necessary according to this card for them to move ahead. It could also be that within the next three weeks or three months, they’ll be changing their view of things and perhaps planning ahead in a more optimistic manner.

Three of Swords Reversed

When the three of swords is reversed in a spread, someone is keeping their feelings bottled up and this is likely to cause problems in a relationship. There is also the possibility that someone new will enter the querent’s life but this is not necessarily a good thing. They need time to sort things out and to clear their mind before they get entangled with anything new.