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Matt Smiths Doctor

David Tennant, the tenth incarnation of the nine hundred year old Time Lord was taken so closely to so many Doctor Who fans that Matt Smith, no matter how great an actor, would find filling the role and extremely difficult task.  The staunch from Camp Tennant would feel that admitting to enjoying watching Matt Smith’s work would almost feel like they were cheating on a friend.   As a big fan of David Tennant’s doctor myself I knew watching Matt would be difficult.  I would miss Tennant’s interpretation of The Doctor and how could anyone get over that sad departure of number ten?  That line “I don’t want to go!”.  Russell T. Davies nearly broke his fans’ hearts with that one!

It wasn’t only the loss of ten that would make accepting Matt Smith difficult, but a new look, with a new production team, making the days of Eccleston and Tennant feel a long way away.  Matt Smith’s monologue regeneration made me skeptical, I didn’t think I would like his doctor, his new catchphrase “Geronimo” sounded wrong, almost forced upon the audience, when I wanted to hear “allonsy!”. 

However, when I saw Matt climb out of the TARDIS in the first episode all that was forgotten.  He had the same level of energy that David Tennant brought to the part and his voice was soothingly similar. There was still some of the same character traits that allowed the audience to reconcile themselves that this was the same person, but Matt had his own quirks that made it absolutely clear that this was a regeneration and a refreshed, re-energised new phase in The Doctor’s long life. 

Amy Pond was the perfect companion to compliment this new personality, as is River Song the Doctor’s (possible) future wife.  There is something very endearing about this doctor’s juxtaposing tendencies too, he’s the youngest actor o play that part, but rather than play upon that the true age of The Doctor is more apparent that in his two recent predecessors.  He wears very aging attire, and has particularly old fashioned views, with the energy and aura of a young man.  Therefore Matt embodies exactly what The Doctor should be, young in appearance and aged in wisdom.

I want to finish with a big thank you to Matt, you get my approval as well as the approval of many, many others.  I’ll be a Whovian for many years to come.