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Manipulating a Candle Flame with your Mind

Candle Magic: The Power That Lies behind The Flame

Many of us have been told we can burn a candle in a specific color to attract things toward ourselves and even to repel things away from us. For example: Burn a pink candle with the object of your affections name scribed on it to bring your lover back or engender feelings of love and harmony between you. Or to burn a green candle to attract money, prosperity, and abundance to yourself. Does this work? Is it magic? Well yes and no at the same time.
Let me preface this information by stating this is what has been given to me in my guidance and I share it with you all. If it doesn’t resonate with you then take what does and leave the rest. I am sure there will be some who disagree and that is entirely okay. My truths are not necessarily everyone else’s and I this I give respect.
When you select a candle with a specific intention in mind and follow through with burning it using whatever ritual you prefer you are setting a focused intention to attract something into your life. The candle is a symbolic reminder to you. It is a place of attention being focused. This IS the power behind the flame.
It is your intention that brings about the changes. Not the candle itself or the color of the candle but your intention. The color and what it symbolizes and the action taken to burn the candle is your commitment to focusing your energy.
There are some who will anoint their candles with essential oils and some who sprinkle herbs and write their intentions on paper as part of this ritual. This is their way of focusing their energy into knowing that their requests will be granted.
Bottom line is IT IS The Thought Energy YOU Focus that creates the desired outcomes. You can go through the motions but if you do not have a focus, if you are doubt filled, then you do not receive.
Now, these things being said, I am not discouraging anyone from performing this practice. Not at all! I burn candles myself as a way to keep myself focused on what it is I wish to effect for changes in conditions. And Yes, I do use the colors symbolic of the desired outcomes.
No matter what it is that you use for focusing your energy, whatever ritual you feel serves you best, always ask for the highest and best for all involved and be thankful in advance. It is key with manifestation principles to maintain an air of gratitude and a sense of knowing that what you are requesting Will be received.
On another note, this being the season of Thanksgiving, I would like to remind myself and all of you, Let us be thankful for all that we have. Give no consideration for things lacking but be grateful for the abundance in our lives. Also look at the word “Thanksgiving”. We shall be thankful and giving and as a result of that we will be recipients of “giving” from the Universe.

Blessings to All!