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Making it through a Crisis

Everyone at one point or another finds themselves at the mercy of a terrible situation they felt was beyond their control. These crisis situations may leave you feeling victimized and helpless, asking yourself “Why me”. With a simple shift of perception you can turn personal disasters into opportunities for learning and growth. After all things are really never as bad as we make them out to be in our minds. Just remember there is always someone out there that has it worse than you.

Something to be grateful for is that a crisis can help shape your future actions evolving you into a wiser, more well-balanced human being. The simplest  reason for this is that if you pay attention you are able to learn what doesn’t work. For example when people are careless with their relationships and those relationships fall apart they are reminded to care more for the people around them. Likewise a crisis that is brought on by faulty judgment can teach you to make a different or better decision next time.

If you change the way you look at a bad situation you may find that it can teach you how to act in a similar situation in the future before it becomes a crisis. It can provide you with a fresh outlook you never would have had if these things had not happened. Also it is important to remember that wallowing in a bad situation never solves anything, so try focusing on the positive.

Handling a crisis in a healthy way and riding it out until the end can leave a person feeling not only stronger, but renewed. It can be a fresh start to a wonderful new beginning where they no longer have to worry about reliving past mistakes because they have learned how to deal with things differently. Something else to be thankful for is that even if these painful occurrences strike again you now have a better knowledge of the resources available to help you through and provide you with slightly smoother sailing in choppy waters. One of the best resources available is your friends and family.

Experiencing crisis can help one to appreciate the small things in life that are normally taken for granted. Sometimes people  can seem like just another fixture in your day to day life but when panic sets in these people can become great bastions of support. They can offer advice or simply a hand to hold and shoulder to cry on. Many people never truly realize how important personal connections really are until the material world fails them and they have nowhere else to turn. Take the time to think of the people you really care about and soon your problems will seem a little more distant.

Sadly though friends and family can’t always be counted on. It’s painful to watch the people you have always stood behind abandon you in a dire situation because they don’t want to be involved with someone else’s hardship. In situations where there is no one to support you but yourself you may find a deep well of personal strength you didn’t even know existed.

A crisis often teaches you more about yourself than you would ever learn otherwise, even if all you walk away with is a sense of accomplishment. You faced it and lived to tell the tale. If nothing else remember; when it’s all over you can say “I made it. I am the victor and no longer the victim”, and that in and of itself is reason enough to see it through to the end.