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Magical Control or Manipulation on the Internet

People are surprised to learn magic can be controlled over the Internet. People will say it is just a computer, it’s just chat; it is just (fill in the blank). Computers are conductors of energy, a source of magic. Computers are often one of the purest forms of direct energy two people may share. People touching their keyboards link energy to energy creating open channels between them. Once an energy link is established, control can begin.

Magic is based on intentions, and focused for specific outcomes. If a person is adept in magic and manipulation, the Internet will provide victims for control. The Internet is full of magical people who prey on the nave and foolish. Unfortunately, many people are nave about the world of magic, spells, curses and other manipulations. People do not realize that they know little about the power and abilities of people they interface with in chat. The Internet is an excellent nameless entity to hide identities, abilities and intentions.

People use the Internet to develop aspects of their spiritual paths or to explore new paths. People search for teachers, a real witch or shaman, a real someone to teach them because magic has this deep appeal to them. They naively give their alliance to people who provide the enticing words, the unsubstantiated claims of expertise, only to suffer the consequences of their foolishness as they find themselves ensnared in control and manipulation. Some magical people do not adhere to laws of karma and do work in the darkness with negative controlling intent.

These foolish people will not listen to the sage advice of others who tell them to seek someone who they can meet locally. They do not listen to the experiences of others, falsely believing that manipulation cannot happen to them because they are not like those others. These nave people will bitterly defend their teacher, when people try to expose the truth about the manipulator.

Others in their quest for spiritual love connections, the soul mate, the past lives lovers, the past karmic actions will also fall victim to control by the unscrupulous manipulator. This manipulator can read beyond the romantic quests and find women or men who are lonely, vulnerable, suffer from low self-esteem or depressed. The manipulator tosses out a line or two and hooks a victim. Often, these people control more than one person at a time. They use one identity for one person, another identity for a second victim, and often use multiple chat services.

The consequences can be devastating when the truth becomes known. True stories abound on the consequences of people’s choices to bring these people into personal off-line lives. One woman invited her teacher to stay with her, and discovered he was a pedophile. Another woman escaped to a woman’s shelter when she met this manipulator and found him abusive. A man found himself stalked and hounded by a woman who swore he was her karmic partner.

Now add the magic factor and more disconcerting stories exist. Stories abound of men and women being attacked in their dreams and awakening with bruises. Others speak of presences or other dark energies entering their living spaces. Some victims speak of feeling drained and depressed or other sign of magical manipulation. Being drawn into the web was easy, removal often requires people adept at breaking holds others have placed on victims. Magical bonds of control establish a dependency on the manipulator, and many people break free only to find themselves drawn back continuously.

People need to exercise caution when seeking magical people on the Internet. Honest humble and helpful people do exist online, but often it is the bragger that catches people’s attention. People seeking magical teachers or partners should ask not just the person in question, but others online about the reputation of the person in question. From all information, a decision can be made to proceed, but proceed with caution because again, the Internet is a spider’s web where magical control does happen.