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Magic is the Product of Human Intelligence

Magic is the product of human intelligence; still dependent on this intelligence, it does not wither away. The old mysteries have only slightly changed, though humankind’s regard for them and the means of dealing with shift from age to age. The cosmos remains as significant and inscrutable as it ever was-birth, love, and death are no less poignant and inecorable; sorrow, pain, fear, joy, hope, and desire manifest themselves to the modern sensibilities essentially as they did to the primitive senses.Today we are more in peril as a species than ever before; our ideas of salvation center on material and political remedy, while we are in awe of our works to the point that we must seek finally to limit them. These things are true to such a degree that we make a faith of reason; still, beneath the intellectual control that we assert run the same anarchies, the same primitive, or psychological, reactions to our environment that led first men to create irrational weapons for dealing with irrational phenomena. There have been only minor changes in these phenomena during the instant of human existence on our planet. Magic is in our every day life.You could be sitting by someone that practice magic annd you would never know.Many people say that magioc is of the devil. Not all magic is evil.In some of the readings I read it says that if you work evil magicc against someone it will come back to you three times.I might be wrong forgive me if I am.I’ve always wanted to work witch craft.The art amazes me. there’s more people involved in magic than they would want you to now about. Theres also all kinds of magic. They even have schools that will teach you the art of witch craft. What ever you decide to practice just be careful.Read up on witch craft before you decide to pactice it.Some spells might work and some might not.I think you just have to believe in what you are doing.Please don’t work magic when you’re angry at someone. You might end up doiing something that you would regret.You mighht do something you can’t undo.Witch craft is very serious.You could really hurt someone with witch craft.don’t get me wrong not all witch craft is evil. You can find magic thats good. Some that you could use for good.Me myself has books on good and bad wicth craft.I don’t think I’ve worked any bad magic on anyone.I wouldn’t want it to come back to me more than I sent it out.