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Loving God all the way

Christian faith and truth is something that has been defined and discussed for over two thousand years. Some have it and some do not. Saint Justin, born in AD 100, was a searcher of the truth. Are there many gods, or only one, he wanted to know? It took him many years to become a Christian.

He was an educated man and knew much about philosophy but each specialty school he attended left him still pondering the question. The Stoics taught him that discipline was truth; The Platonist taught him a lot about the mind and he found this exciting, but still the truth he was in search of, deluded him.

One day, wanting to get away from the noisy in-town crowd, walked down by the sea where quiet and peacefulness spoke loudly to him. Soon, an old man entered into this calm atmosphere and they began to talk. They then began to debate-respectfully- who owned the truth, the God of the Christians, or Plato and his followers.

The old man won out. He told his new friend of the Hebrew prophets and of their beliefs in the one God of Abraham, and Moses. This old man aroused Saint Justin’s interest-and concern-in the persecutions of the Christians that was then taking place. Were they evil, or were they too fearful to tell the truth? The latter, he discovered.

The old man, in departing, urged Saint Justin to open the gates to the light of God’s truth. He did by writing, traveling and lecturing. (Some of his works are available today.)To sum up his life and works that shed light even today: Born around AD 100; became a Christian AD 130; was martyred (beheaded) in AD 165. Today, June 1, 2007, the Catholic Church honors him as a saint.

From online this prayer: “Saint Justin martyr, pray that in our search for the truth, God will open the gates of light for us the way God did for you and give us the wisdom no human being can give. Amen”

Christian faith is not something that just comes naturally, it is something that must be gained by prayer and by desire. The first thing that is necessary is a desire to believe in Christ and in His teachings and His cross with all your heart. You cannot be with Him in the good times and run away and hide and deny His existence when the times are rough and living is not easy. It is because of these times that the good times and the faith that is so necessary for our Christian lives is so welcomed.

Faith means that we ‘have faith’, that we believe that no matter how hard life gets, it is for a purpose and ‘God willing’ it will get better. In every day language it tells us, hang in there and don’t give up.