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Liz Hurley Divorce Arun Nayar Hugh Grant Shane Warne Elizabeth Hurley Austin Powers

Liz Hurley, who is most famous for her role as Vanessa in the Austin Powers movies and as the former girlfriend of Hugh Grant, has formally announced that she is filing for divorce from husband Arun Nayar, after four years of marriage. This comes four months after announcing their split. The reason for the divorce has been given as ‘unreasonable behaviour’ on the part of Arun Nayar. However, it is Hurley’s behaviour that has captured the attention of the world’s media because of her on/off relationship with Australian cricketer, Shane Warne. Warne has also recently announced his split from wife Simone Callahan, with whom he has children.

According to The Daily Mail, Shane Warne and Liz Hurley met at the Glorious Goodwood Festival in Chichester in 2010 and thereafter twittered each other flirty messages. Their relationship seemed to be confirmed when they were filmed together kissing in a London hotel later in the year, after which Hurley announced her split from her husband. However, neither she nor Shane has confirmed that they are together and Liz has tried to quash rumours via her Twitter account: “Apparently I’m getting married & moving to Australia. Wow, my fictional tabloid life is exciting! Breathlessly awaiting next installment…”. Rumours still abound, however, and there is a suggestion that she may be considering going to Australia to work on their version of Strictly Come Dancing, in order to be close to Warne.

Liz Hurley’s love life has long been the interest of the tabloids. First shooting to fame for being Hugh Grant’s girlfriend, she cemented that fame by accompanying Grant to the Los Angeles premier of Four Weddings and a Funeral, wearing a stunning Versace dress that captured everyone’s attention. When Hugh Grant was scandalously caught with a prostitute in 1995, Hurley stood by him until their surprise split in 2000. In 2002, Hurley gave birth to her son, Damian, by movie producer Stephen Bing, although Bing initially denied paternity. She began dating Arun Nayar, an Indian businessman in 2002 and they married in 2007. Hurley once again featured in the news for their two sumptuous weddings; one in the UK and a traditional Hindu wedding in India. The couple had no children.

Quite what the future holds for Elizabeth Hurley is unclear. There have been suggestions that, because of a lack of a prenuptial when she married Nayar, she could suffer a financial loss in the divorce. Her relationship with Shane Warne, if indeed there is a relationship, appears to be unstable, whereas Nayar is now apparently dating Kim Johnson, a model. However, Hurley’s career continues to keep her in the public eye; she has a role in the upcoming remake of Wonder Woman, cast as one of the villains and her habit of making headlines on a regular basis doesn’t seem likely to stop any time soon.