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Learning where your Soul Finds its Home

Your spiritual life depends upon seeing things in perspective. The most pleasant activities in life are not those that cost money or upon which a price tag can be placed. These come from that inner feeling of contentment that truly spiritual people understand with little prompting. In fact, the most pleasant activities are often blocked out by the hustle and bustle of life. By knowing where to look for them, you begin to automatically see them without having to think about it. The trick is finding inner peace, because once you do, all those pleasant activities in life take form all on their own.


Those who allow life’s misery to penetrate into their souls miss a wonderful opportunity. The perspective from which they see the world is a bleak one. They cannot get things in perspective because the cup is always half empty. Of course, sadness affects everyone, though those who have the inner peace talked about above, find a way to let the pleasant things penetrate into that darkness and see good in everything around them. The most pleasant activities for those who are able to see beyond themselves may even come from a simple gesture. Helping a blind person to cross a road, or picking up someone’s dropped shopping are all selfless things. These are the most rewarding although they are not to be self seeking or done expecting any kind of reward.

Pleasure at its best

The pleasurable activities which enhance spiritual understanding are those things which the individual believes brings them closer to their God. Walking in the countryside can be a great activity not because other people do it, or because of the people it is shared with. Walking alone and letting the mind take in the scenery as the creation of someone bigger than self is what makes it so reassuring and pleasant. Sitting at the top of a hill, one can see for miles and imagine the maker who created the green pastures, the little fluffy clouds that hang in the blue sky, or even the sunset that says that the day has closed.

Pleasant activities to share

Those activities which involve giving selflessly are ones which also help build inner strength. Perhaps you have the character to help at a hospice. While you may think that work of this nature isn’t what you would class as a pleasant activity, you may even surprise yourself. In a situation where life is about to come to an end, people amaze you. Their hope never seems to be far away and it’s humbling to the soul and makes you feel happy to be alive and in their company. It’s not pleasant that their stay on this earth will be short-lived, but the reward you feel within your heart through helping makes it one of the most pleasant activities your soul could ask for.

Listening to their stories and knowing how much they mean, and seeing the look of welcome on their faces at your visit will light up your heart. It’s that glance across the room that shows such deep appreciation that makes it all worthwhile. They don’t want you for what you have. They want you for what you symbolize to them in the notion that someone cares sufficiently to be there.

Family and friends

Friendship is important and time spent with friends and family brings a host of pleasant activities that enhance your spirituality. They make you mad, they make you sad. They turn your heart upside down sometimes, but through it all, you love them and they love you and you complement each other’s existence. That’s what it feels like to be whole. Spending time with people who are important to you opens up your heart to understanding one of the most precious gifts humans can experience and that is giving without asking reward.

The mother who opens her arms to take her newborn baby into them suddenly understands what life is about and that the change within her life means that this little person depends upon her. That feeling of being needed, of being there and suddenly learning that there’s someone more important in life than themselves is humbling, but it’s an amazing adventure into all the activities mothers share with that child. The first steps, the first words, the warmth – these are all shared through family activities together, but the journey isn’t as simple as that. Only those parents who understand giving without expecting anything in exchange learn that humility that gives the heart strength and the spirit hope.

Achieving the goal

The most pleasant activities in life, therefore, are those which allow a human being to step beyond themselves. The person who cries alone and shuts off the world doesn’t get the same strength as those who are able to see the bigger picture. Of course there are moments of tears. There are moments of heartbreak, though stepping out of that shell towards people who count more than self, the human being becomes strong and learns what true pleasure is all about. The goal in life is self acceptance but it’s also about acceptance of others. When that happens, in whatever shape or form and is coupled with the glory of being surrounded by natural wonderment, then people really do find that the most pleasant activities in life are there for everyone. All they need to do is reach beyond their own self toward the rainbow in the sky and know that someone out there is giving them countless rewards if only they take the time to discover them.