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Learning the Tarotmeaning of the Tarot Cardsquick Tarot Card Reading

There are a number of ways to do a tarot card reading, many of which can be helpful when just requiring a single answer or idea.

The single tarot card for instance can be used to give a feeling or answer to a question or situation. A two card reading could be used if looking at choices while a three card reading might give a quick impression of past, present and future.

The Major Arcana and a Tarot Reading

Life is a sequence of cycles and phases and each card in the Major Arcana represents the different phases everyone goes through at some time; the symbols and images on the cards and even the colours used all mean something special to the tarot reader. Tarot readers also link the cards together when they read a spread, to gain a better impression of a person’s life situation and future possibilities. Some cards support, strengthen or weaken the others depending on where they are placed in a spread.

One way the cards can be used so they can be read independently of the other, is in telling the future month by month. This method uses only the Major Arcana. Separate these cards from the deck and shuffle them, ready for the reading. Once ready, lay the cards out in a horseshoe spread, from left to right.

How to Give a Quick Tarot Card Reading

Card one will represent the coming month, card two represents next month etc.

Now look up the cards that have turned up in the spread in the list below to predict what lies ahead.

* The Fool – Something new is about to begin but remember to look before you leap.

* The Magician – An active month when a lot of creative energy will go into work concerns and hobbies.

* The High Priestess – An elderly lady will give some good advice. Guard against hidden illnesses.

* The Empress – A new love enters your life if you’re single. Trust your intuition.

* The Emperor – A healthy, happy month. You will make good decisions concerning business and family matters.

* The Hierophant – A good month to think about further study or training. New interests are exciting.

* The Lovers – If there has been any discord, there will be a reconciliation. Take care when making decisions or you may make the wrong choice.

* The Chariot – Travel is a strong possibility. Any changes will be for the best.

* Justice – Legal matters will work out in your favour. Be sure to balance work and rest.

* The Hermit – You’re likely to seek moments alone when you can think without any interference.

* Wheel of Fortune – A bit of a lottery month when things could be good, could be bad; you’ll have to wait and see!

* Strength – Whatever you decide to do this month, you’ll have the determination and willpower to carry it through.

* The Hanged Man – If others are expecting too much from you, this is the month when you’ll be delegating responsibilities.

* Death – A time when you might be thinking of putting certain things of the past behind you so that a new and more exciting phase begin.

* Temperance – The more quiet and harmonious this month is, the more relaxed you will feel.

* The Devil – Someone is up to mischief. An unusual offer may have strings attached.

* The Tower – An uphill-struggle few weeks ahead. Nothing will come easily. Don’t give up trying.

* The Star – This is the month when you and everyone around you seem to be looking on the bright side. A lucky time for you.

* The Moon – Trust your intuition. You’re more aware of your dreams and deeper feelings.

* The Sun – A happy, sociable month with the possibility of an unexpected gift.

* Judgement – Important decisions concerning the future will need serious consideration.

* The World – Prepare yourself for something new. A degree of restless may have you thumbing through travel brochures!