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Learn the Personal Beliefs of when the World is going to End

The end of the world is something that a lot of us do not think about, we are just to busy with life’s problems to take time to take a look in the spiritual world, let alone as to when the world is going to end. We go about our lives without considering that one day the world will end as we know it. There are some who do still participate in every day life as well as the spiritual part of life to, but the one thing that they can not predict is when the world is going to end. There is only one who knows the answer to that question, and that is our creator the lord god almighty. 

If you were to read the bible, you will see that it tells you in several different passages that only our maker knows when Jesus will come and gather his children, such as the book of revelations. Although there also passages that tells you the things that will come to pass when the end of the world is near. There has been several religious leaders who say we are living in the last book of the bible which is revelations.

Some examples of the things that will come to pass are, you will not be able to tell season from season, also brother will turn against brother and sister against sister. It also goes on to say nation will rise against nation. There is one passage that also says that man will destroy his own self. Now if you was to evaluate the passages I just quoted you would see that those very things are happening right now as we speak. The problem is that because of our ambitious selfish way of life controls us not leaving much time to participate in the religious way of life, therefore many of us have no idea that the end of the world is near.

There are also other point or should I say prophecy that predicts a different belief in the way the world is going to end. One of those beliefs is 2012 which was predicted by the Mayans. They believed the world is going to be destroyed by some major event like the sun causing us to burn in extreme heat, or they believe that there are going to be massive earthquakes. There are others who believes the polar ice caps are going to melt causing the world to filled with nothing but water. There are predictions that have been made about how the world is going to end, there is even a few who claim to know when it is going to happen .In reality the answer to when is the world going to end, is no knows for sure all you can do is speculate you own belief.